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'Orange is the New Black' season 2 spoilers: What can you expect?

Lauren Prepon
Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Playboy

It is finally time for "Orange is the New Black" season two and fans can't wait for it. On Thursday, TV Line shared huge spoilers for this season that is about to come out on Netflix. Remember that when the show is released you get the entire season in one day. Don't make any big plans this weekend because you are going to want to watch this show.

The first episode will be a bit odd for fans. It is not at the jail and focuses on characters that are not in prison right now. That doesn't last for long though. Fans are used to this show being about the jail and it will be there in the second episode. Lauren Prepon's character is not on the entire season but she is around. They will explain right away what is going on with her though.

Lori Petty, Lorraine Toussaint and Kimiko Glenn are all joining the show as new cast members. These characters will be important to the show and viewers will get to know their stories. Of course one spoiler says that two inmates end up kissing that will surprise everyone. Fans love those hook ups that you don't expect to see.

Chicago Tribune shared a bit more about the upcoming season as well. This season is about Piper but not all about her. She even misses one episode of the show entirely. Viewers do get a flashback of Piper as a child this season and they also get to know more about the people who work in the jail. There are several flashbacks into Larry's life but it sounds like fans are not going to enjoy those very much. Jason Bigg's character is not the highlight of the show.

"Orange is the New Black" season two will be 13 episodes long. It starts airing on June 6 on Netflix. You can watch all of it right away if you are excited about the show.

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