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'Orange is the New Black' season 2 is addictive: Back stories will mesmerize you

'Orange is the New Black' is back with season 2 on Netflix and it is better than season 1 if that is even a possibility!
'Orange is the New Black' is back with season 2 on Netflix and it is better than season 1 if that is even a possibility!
Netflix 'Orange is the New Black promo

"Orange is the New Black" is back with its second season on Netflix and the jury is still out about releasing an entire season of episodes all at once vs. staggering them like the networks do. There's nothing like a rainy Saturday for curling up with your favorite comforter on the couch and watching all new episodes of "Orange is the New Black" without having to wait the entire week to see what happens next.

IGN suggests in an article from June 14, that they are leaning toward staggering the episodes as being the best way to air the show. Their theory is that it gives folks more time to chat it up with friends before airing the next episode. They very well could be right, but either way once you start watching this show, you'll find that it is addictive.

Entertainment Tonight suggests that the second season is about "power struggles" and it is to some degree. It plays out with good vs evil and good eventually wins out. The power struggles some how seem to bring the really good souls together and leaves the manipulators and devious ones in the dust when all is said and done. This goes for both prison inmates and the guards.

Spoilers, but no names:

Season two should not disappoint even the most demanding of critics as they've taken it in a new direction. It is a good road to journey on the map makers did something right! The cast was more of a supporting cast in season one, but with this new season you get to see where all the ladies in the prison come from. Some are unbelievable surprises and others come from backgrounds that you might expect from women in prison.

Even Larry gets some airtime this time around as he embarks on a bizarre relationship while Piper is still incarcerated. Piper gets mysteriously whisked away from the Litchfield prison in the beginning of the season and she thinks it is punishment for killing the inmate she emulsified at the end of season one.

That's not what the transfer was about, but some interesting things happen when she is put on a plane and flown to another city without knowing why. One of the best scenes of both seasons is a hit and run on the season finale. You will undoubtedly find yourself applauding the driver for aiming for the inmate. More than likely you'll find yourself loving the fact that this character is now roadkill.

You learn a lot about the ladies in the prison as "Orange is the New Black" takes you down memory lane for the women via flashbacks. You find out that one of the sweetest gals is nothing more than a stalker with a make-believe life going on in that pretty little head of hers.

You get to see the craziest of all the prison dwellers adopted home life when she is about five. She has a crazy temper even when she is first out of diapers. Her parents look fearful of her. "Orange is the New Black" even gives you some introductions into the home life of some of the guards. One is in a rock band and he's actually a good guy.

One is having the toughest time with his mail order Russian bride and yet another is bilking the prison out of millions of dollars. One of their spouses cheat on them with the same sex and they find out that they've always been gay. Piper continues her dangerous relationship with her lesbian lover, it is stop and go a few times this season.

Larry, poor Larry, she had him wrapped around her finger, but now he is seeing the light and what life might look like with a woman who is free and not having romps with her ex from time to time. Some of the old cast that looked to be on their way out last season are back, one in particular is like a fallen woman clawing her way back up, but in the end she does it.

Season two of "Orange is the New Black" offers not one boring episode and in each new episode you learn something more about the women in the prison. You also learn a lot about Piper's family and outside friends. This is one show that you just can't get enough of!

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