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'Orange is the New Black' S2E1: Chicago is the New Black

Those who have been waiting for Season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" are obviously excited about the first of 13 episodes that were released June 5. But fans who are also Chicago natives will enjoy it just a little bit more.

Chicago skyline
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The episode starts off with comedy and intrigue; you'll find out what you want to know by the end, but you'll have to wait a little. And there is definitely plenty more in there to keep you begging your couchmates "just one more!"

Since this is a Netflix show, released one full season at a time, you deserve all the time in the world to get to it. There will be no spoilers here. But--if you are from Chicago--you will really enjoy this episode. And you'll get to hear Chicago-area native, Andrew Bird's song "Pulaski at Night".

The song was originally written tongue-in-cheek, about a foreign exchange student he met who was repeatedly expressing their desire to see Chicago's Pulaski Road at night-time. This was funny to Bird, because he couldn't picture what would be so special about seeing "Pulaski at Night". Though, honestly, he says "Chicago" in it, and it sounds beautiful, so that's enough to make it an anthem to this crazy city.

Speaking of music used in TV shows, you may remember The Handsome Family’s “Far from any Road”, used as the opening song to wildly popular TV series, “True Detective”. Previous to the series release, Bird actually covered a Handsome Family song: “When that Helicopter Comes” on his EP, Hands of Glory. On June 3 of this year, he released an entire album of Handsome Family cover songs entitled Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of....

Also, if you liked Orange is the New Blacks opening song, “You’ve got Time,” you’ll discover there’s a whole lot to love about Regina Spektor, writer and performer of the theme. Her voice is timeless and beautiful, and, at times, she writes the absolute strangest of songs. Go here to learn a little about her music and sample some tracks via SoundCloud. And she's not from Chicago, but she's Russian, like Red!

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