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Orange is the New Black is back!

Season 2
Season 2
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The hit series, Orange is the New Black, gave Netflix subscribers 13 drama-filled episodes last season and helped solidified the phrase “binge-watching!”

The episodes about a seemingly privileged new-yorker with a bi-curious past is sentenced to a women’s correctional facility where she is housed with a very colorful set of characters.

Orange is the New Black’s popularity went through the roof as more and more people accessed the streaming convenience of Netflix and availability on virtually any stream-capable device!

The second season, which started at midnight, promises just as much chaos, heart-warming and gut-wrenching drama as it did the first time around and apparently, critics have praised it enough that Netflix has already renewed the contract for a third season.

The cliff-hanger from the first season left subscribers shocked, excited and with enough speculation to keep the conversation alive during the preparation for this season.

Producers told Fashion& to “…expect a deeper, darker, funnier season and to make sure we stock up on the tissues before watching!”

Have you seen these actors in real life? These women have style, grace and elegance!

Take the time to look them up, you will be amazed at the transformation of some of the characters!

Many of them are surprisingly beautiful women with very little similarities to their characters and kudos to Laverne Cox, the first transgender actor to be on the cover of Time Magazine (amongst other barriers smashed by the actor).

In the first season, the series began touching on some of the women’s lives and how they ended up down the path they are on but it is anticipated to get more about all their stories in the second season.

Catch the 13 NEW episodes now on Netflix, available to any subscriber of the service.

If you do not have Netflix, what are you waiting for? Try it free for 30 days!

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