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Orange Beach sharks: Almost 150 sharks in water, shore closed for fear of attack

An Orange Beach sharks scare led to the popular shoreline off the Alabama gulf coast being closed for most of the weekend to all potential swimmers after almost 150 sharks were seen in shallow waters. Although it remains a mystery as to why such a surge of these carnivores appeared this Sunday, officials say that the beach was closed for public safety and fear of a possible shark attack. News Max confirms this Monday, June 9, that a double red warning was put into place — a very rare caution — to let all swimmers know of the dangerous threat lurking about in the water.

Sharks in Orange Beach close it down for a full weekend
Wikimedia Commons

News of these sharks in Orange Beach became a trending hit among pop culture headlines today after a helicopter search team determined that anywhere from 100 to almost 150 of the many-teethed creatures were treacherously close to shore earlier this weekend. It’s thought that the massive arrival of so many sharks in shallow waters may have been caused by an unusual amount of dead fish being present, spurring these seafaring carnivores to take advantage of the massive meal.

Melvin Shepard, acting director of the Aquatics and Beach Safety group for Orange Beach had this to say on the scary matter for swimmers and beach goers alike:

"Hopefully, once people stop throwing their fish carcasses into the water, [sharks] may not be swimming in such numbers that close to the beach.”

Fortunately, no shark attacks or any related injuries were reported Saturday or Sunday. However, according to a WHNT News report shared late yesterday, one local news source noted a number of people still ignored the double red warning, choosing to swim anyway. Fortunately, it looks like a vast majority of parents were wise and cautious enough not to let their kids take their chances with almost 150 sharks not far from shore.

As one interviewed woman from Alabama said on the rare Orange Beach sharks surge this first full weekend of June:

"I don't want to see any hands or feet missin' or legs missin' or bites out of em or anything like that, that’s all.”

This isn’t the only shark-related story taking a bite out of U.S. headlines today. News of a mystery sea monster — believed to be a colossal great white but still undetermined — has surfaced. The giant creature of the deep managed to attack and eat a 9 foot great white not far from shore in Australia, so whatever the animal is, it’s no pushover.

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