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Oran Mor: still the island’s top restaurant

Close-up of duck breast
Close-up of duck breast

We always look forward to our visits to Oran Mor, because it consistently maintains such a high level of quality, from the service to the food to the overall welcoming atmosphere. Oran Mor is still helmed by Chef Chris Freeman, and his sure hand is clearly visible in everything you order.

Roasted Spiced Pekin Duck Breast

The menu has eight main course entrees, all under $40 as well as eight first courses, ranging from $14 to $24, with both groups significantly less than other high end restaurants.

We started with Grilled marinated Shrimp ($21) served over a roasted corn and poblano pepper puree, with pickled tomatillos, chorizo, coriander-curry dusted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and cilantro. These robust flavors offset the shrimp nicely and represent the target that a number of other local restaurants have missed.

Their tomato and watermelon salad ($15) is frequently available, but this version with radishes, buffalo mozzarella, sunflower seed brittle. A glass of almost transparent liquid comes with the salad, labeled a “gazpacho shooter.” You could drink it, or pour it on your salad, or dip bites into it. We chose to skip it.

Their roasted Colorado Lamb Chops and grilled sausage ($38) was delicious, served with baba ghanoush (eggplant) patty pan squash with red pepper fingeriings, Meyer lemon yogurt and cucumber relish. The chops were large and juicy and had an excellent flavor.

Finally, we had a Roasted Spiced Pekin Duck Breast and Leg Confit ($36), which was outstanding. It was served on Emmer, baby kale, pickled nectarin, smoked blackberries and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds were crunchy and slightly sweet, providing a delicious topping as you can see in the close-up.

These servings were so large that we skipped dessert. Our bill with 3 glasses of wine and tax was $159, clearly a bargain compared to the prices of other local restaurants.

To us, Oran Mor retains it top ranking among island restaurants, but with American Seasons a very close second indeed. Check them both out of you can. You won’t be sorry.