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Or Tor Kor: best fresh market in Bangkok, Thailand and perfect for foodies

Recently, CNNGO named Bangkok's Or Tor Kor the world's fourth best fresh market.A fact I already knew as it's five minutes from my house. Or Tor Kor is one of the largest fresh markets in Bangkok, but what makes it special is that it's known for its high-quality fruit and vegetables as well as for its organic produce and amazingly fresh poultry, fish and meat. In fact, so top quality is Or Tor Kor, chefs from Bangkok's most exclusive hotels and restaurants buy their fruit and vegetables here.

Buying fresh curries at Or Tor Kor market in Bangkok, Thailand
goodiesfirst - Creative Commons License

For foodies visiting Bangkok for the first time or for those who live here, Or Tor Kor is the place to shop. Of course, the market is a typical fruit and vegetable market where you can pick up anything you need by the kilo.You will, however, find a lot more.

Stalls packed with nuts, dried fruit and other Thai snacks. Fresh and dried fish and sea food direct from the Gulf of Thailand. Pig's heads, fresh whole chickens, pickled herring,Thai curry paste (made fresh, of course, often while you wait) and seaweed are just some of the many foods you will find here.

If you won't be cooking while you're in Bangkok, no worries there either. Or Tor Kor is still an excellent place to spend some time. It's one of the cleanest fresh markets in Bangkok, so wonderful for photo opportunities, stacked as it is with brightly-colored fruits and vegetables.

There is also a small food court at the back of the market where you can pick out deliciously flavorful Thai dishes to try. Buy a couple along with a traditional Thai iced tea or coffee, and then enjoy them as a tasty breakfast or lunch right there at a small table in the middle of the food court. You can even watch the passers-by while you eat.

Or Tor Kor is easy to find. Just take the sky train to Mo Chit station as if you were going to Chatuchak Weekend Market, but follow the signs for Or Tor Kor instead. It's just across the street.

By the way -- Don't forget to watch the video attached to this article (look to your left) and you'll see why everyone in Bangkok loves Or Tor Kor.

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