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Optomize your workout routine today with these 'filler' exercises

Mobility and strength go hand in hand.
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson

Don't know what to do in between sets at the gym? Stop people-watching during rest periods and become more time efficient with these ‘filler’ exercises designed to compliment your current exercise regimen.

Stretching is to exercise what lists are to shopping. It makes sense in theory, but soon becomes an after-thought upon arrival. It is a process for many people to get to the gym and most want to get in and out quickly. Stretching doesn’t require any special equipment so why waste time doing something you could do at home?

First off, it’s hard to finish up an exercise routine after any substantial break. Planning to stretch after the drive home is unlikely. Also, the majority of people don’t want to stick around much longer after an intense workout. Who knew sweaty clothes weren’t comfortable?

Solve both of these issues by incorporating these ‘filler’ exercises into your workout routine.

4 'Filler' exercises

T-Spine lunge
Perfect for the rest time in between any full body sets.

Kneeling hip flexor mobilization
Perfect for the rest time in between lower body sets.

Y’s and W’s

Perfect for the rest time in between any upper body sets.


Perfect for the rest time in between squat sets.

It is important to note that it is always advisable to perform a proper cool down after any form of physical activity. However for the time-strapped weekend warrior, incorporating these mobility movements throughout the workout is a great alternative. Get mobile and get strong!

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