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Optimizing water consumption to improve health

Ice cubes splash as dropped into a glass of water
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These are simple and affordable solutions to enhance one’s wellness. The idea behind these solutions is to stay hydrated and have a balanced pH, or the optimum level of acidity.

Side effects of pH imbalance and dehydration
Many people today have high protein diets, which causes their bodies to be high in acid. This can cause a long list of issues in one’s health such as acid reflux. When the body is high in acidity, more water is required to flush out the acid and restore the body’s pH.

A person can be dehydrated and not even be aware of it. Symptoms of dehydration can run the gamut based on severity. Headache and fatigue are commonly brought on by dehydration. More severe cases cause diarrhea, organ failure and in extreme cases even death.

How to optimizing water intake
Water is the base of these recommendations. A person can’t survive for more than 3-5 days without water. Therefore the importance of water cannot be stressed enough. Water regulates the body’s temperature, assists in brain function and makes up 75% of the muscles in the body.

The recommended dosage for water is eight to ten 8 oz glasses of water per day, at minimum. Some sources recommend warm water, especially in the morning because it helps flush toxins and break down fats.

Add pink himalayan salt
To enhance hydration, sources say mixing pink himalayan salt into water helps to draw out acid from the body’s cells as the water is flushing impurities. Why not table salt? Unrefined salt is chalk full of minerals and elements that are essential.

Source’s recommended amount of salt to mix with water is 3-4 grams per quart. But because there isn’t always a measuring cup and spoon laying around, a roundabout way to look at it is a couple shakes of salt per 8 ounces. (note: people with salt sensitivity or a medical condition, such as high blood pressure, be sure to consult your doctor before increasing salt intake)

Squeeze some lemon
Squeezing fresh lemon into water is nothing new, but many are unaware of the benefits, not only does it alkalize water, lemons have essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. There is no real recommended amount of lemon to squeeze into water, but the main point to remember is fresh is always better.

Drinking water first thing in the morning
Drinking 16-24 ounces of water first thing in the morning, also known as water therapy, will yield more bang for the buck. During sleep, the body goes into fast mode. Cleansing the digestive system with water right after an 8 hour fast is very beneficial as fasting causes the body to naturally detox. Water therapy flushes out the toxins, it’s kind of like rebooting a computer.

Just drinking the recommended amount of water every day will yield noticeable results, as most people do not, and combining water with one or both of the other two ingredients will increase hydration and help to balance the body’s pH.

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