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Optimizing Google+ for Your Business

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Google+ these days – Google has even been making commercials about it. It might seem like the next big social network, but it’s also a great idea for your business. Setting up a Google+ page for your business is absolutely essential to ranking well organically on Google, and it’s also a great tool to connect with your customers in general. One fitness center in Maryland, Big Vanilla Athletic Club, just created a Google+ page for their business. Setup was pretty simple, and once it gets going it could bring in more new members to the Club. If you need some Google+ help, read on, and see how Big Vanilla Athletic Club got theirs started!

Getting Started with a Google+ for Your Business

Before you create a Google+ for your business, you’ll need your own personal Google+ page. You’ll create the new profile as a page separate from your business one (if you aren’t comfortable creating a public Google+ profile for yourself, you can always set yours to be private). Once you’ve created your business page, you’ll want to begin with the About section. This is a good place to start adding some Google+ SEO magic. Check out Big Vanilla’s About page in the slideshow.

Google+ SEO

About Page

You’ll need to keep a few things in mind when making your profile in order to maximize your Google+ SEO. The Introduction section is the best place to give yourself some Google+ help by putting keyword-rich content and building useful links back to your site. As you can see from above, keywords with high search volume link back to specific pages on the client’s website. Take fitness classes as an example. If you search in Google+ for “fitness classes in Pasadena, MD” guess who comes up first?

Yep, Big Vanilla Athletic Club! (You can see a screenshot in the slideshow.) By adding a keyword-rich Introduction, they gave themselves some great Google+ help and claimed the top spot in the search results. Keep in mind that Google+ results and Google results aren’t the same, of course – if you search for the same thing on Google in general, Big Vanilla doesn’t claim that top spot. What this means is you should definitely take advantage of the Introduction section – even if you can’t nab those juicy 1-5 ranks on Google, you might have a shot at them on Google+! You can also add a link to your contact page there so your fans can easily get in touch with you. The rest of the page is pretty self-explanatory – hours, website and address are always useful!


Pictures are the next big aspect of the Google+ page for your business. Post some nice pictures of your business, your products, some of your employees – whatever might interest your customers. Then add some keyword-rich descriptions, like the one for Big Vanilla in the slideshow.

Other Google+ users also have the ability to +1 your photos, which means those photos are reposted on their own personal pages.


Posts are another way to get the most out of your Google+ SEO. You can post links to your own content here or to other related webpages, just make sure to use good keywords in your description. One of Big Vanilla Athletic Club’s posts was a blog about exercise tips. If you do a general search on Google+ for exercise tips, this post comes up in the results! (Look at a screenshot in the slideshow.) People can +1 your content and spread the word about your business to their friends.

Spread the Word about Your Google+ Page

Now that you’ve created a Google+ for your business, tell your customers about it! You can add a +1 button to your homepage or blog so people can easy share your content on their Google+ pages, as well as add you to their Circles. When someone adds you to one of their Circles, anytime you post something it will show up on their Google+ homepage. So you can easily keep your customers notified about events and specials, and they can easily share it with their friends!

Get a Google+ Page for Your Business Today

Google+ can be a great asset for your business. With Google controlling the search market, you need to make sure your business is easily found across all its platforms. So get started on your Google+ page, and see where it will take you! In the meantime, check out Big Vanilla Athletic Club on Google+ and watch them grow!


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