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Optimizing B2B content

Lead generation may or may not be the way to go for Internet marketers
Lead generation may or may not be the way to go for Internet marketers
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The key to lead generation marketing is insight-driven content.

At London's exclusive Hospital Club on Thursday evening, 100 senior B2B marketers got together at a jointly hosted invite-only seminar and reception. The event was hosted by Raconteur and NewsCred and the topic for the evening was Optimizing B2B Content for Lead Generation. The night was a veritable A-list of marketers and senior representatives from heavyweight organizations across industry, finance, tech and consulting; all interested in getting the relationship between business development and content marketing right. However, according to EIN News,who reported about this on March 20, less than 10 percent of Internet marketers were surveyed and said their efforts were highly effective. This makes you think about who is right about what really does help with lead generation. It also makes you wonder if the big idea mastermind is right or wrong.

Raconteur and NewsCred were set on this topic because they wanted to help their clients justify the increased spending great content requires. The key speakers for the evening were a highly qualified group of individuals well equipped to share their guidance and insight with those present on how to create content that is more effective and reach business goals. They included Bloomberg's Head of EMEA Marketing Craig Welch; Anthony Belloir, UK MD of CEB; Sage Group's CMO Amanda Jobbins; James Gill, Global Partnership Director of LinkedIn and B2B Marketing Magazine's editor Joel Harrison.

The question of the night was, “how do we get our content to help us generate high-quality leads?” "Relationship building (that is, building a relationship by agreeing with everything your prospects tell you) isn't as successful as challenging your prospects, even if it's more uncomfortable initially," said Anthony Belloir. "Listen to your best sales guys - they're on the ground and they know what the pain points of your prospects are. The best way to 'unteach' your customers is to convince them that the pain of same is greater than the pain of change." B2B content that contains commercial insight is great because insight is actionable; it leads prospects back to the supplier.

There is no doubt that there is a mental pride of place amongst decision-makers. With the stiff competition out there, most B2B marketers want to reach but it is even more important to ensure that content produced by brands is effective. Throughout the evening, there were numerous discussions but the topic always came back to Anthony Belloir’s theory about "unteaching" in order to pave the way for re-educating. Understanding high quality content (much less creating it) is a learning process that is still unfolding. Similarly, creating a workgroup of smart marketers and salespeople along with insight-driven content will guarantee the best results for the business.

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