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Opryland Hotel: Indoor family fun in Nashville

Families love the large, interesting indoor spaces of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.
Families love the large, interesting indoor spaces of the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.
John Koetsier

The meteorologist is calling for more snow this weekend. It must be time to escape to the Opryland Hotel for some indoor family fun in Nashville.

Located in Nashville’s “Music Valley” beside the Opry Mills Mall and the Grand Ol' Opry House, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel offers a family friendly escape from the winter doldrums that Nashville and the Midsouth has been in these last few weeks.

Most people think of a hotel as a place stay while on vacation but the Opryland Hotel is a vacation attraction unto itself. It is best known for seasonal events like their fabulous Christmas decorations and popular Food Network Festival but your family can visit any time to escape the Nashville weather.

Family favorites
Free family favorites include the Delta Atrium and the Cascades Atrium. Along with the Garden Conservatory, each atrium is like a large indoor garden. Kids will love exploring the winding trails in the Cascades Atrium, especially the trail that leads behind and underneath a waterfall!

The Delta Atrium, the largest of the three atriums, recreates a little bit of New Orleans with an all indoor bayou river cruise, multi-level shops, and street performers. While kids get a kick out of the indoor bayou river cruise, parents will be amazed that the water used for the river actually comes from rivers from all around the United States. More than likely, some of it came from a river near where you live or grew up.

Take a break
A little reminder, this place is huge-it has 2881 hotel rooms in addition to the huge public spaces. If you have little ones, strollers are helpful when their legs get tired. Also nice, but expensive, are the little snack bars set up near most atrium entrances. Inside each atrium are restaurants. Some of the more family friendly spots are Stax, a burger joint in the Delta Atrium, and Rusty’s Sports Bar & Grill, near the main entrance.

Local’s Tip: Avoid the high on-site hotel parking fees and snag a free spot in the Opry Mills parking lot. There is a short paved path that leads from the parking lot, in between the staff parking lot and the Grand Ol’ Opry Theater, to the Delta Entrance.

Do you have a favorite activity or place at the Opryland Hotel? Leave a comment to tell the world all about it!

If you go:
Gaylord Opryland Hotel
2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Click here for a map of the inside of the hotel.


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