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Oprah hands out Hudson's Bay Olympic mittens to everyone in her audience

Once Oprah backs your product, you've got it made - and the Canadian-owned Hudson's Bay Company had its moment of Olympic glory on Friday when the Queen of Daytime touted their signature 2010 red Olympic mittens on her show.

The hottest item at the Olympic Winter Games 2010 are the HBC red mittens Oprah raved about Friday

Not only did she have a pair, with the slogan "Vancouver 2010" and the Olympic symbol on the top and a white maple leaf on the palms, for herself, courtesy of The Bay she handed out a pair to every member of her ecstatic studio audience this week.

Matt Lauer was bragging that he had gotten a pair for the host when he did some correspondence from the Winter Games and Oprah said: "Get this Matt Lauer, not only do I have the mittens, but everybody in our studio audience is getting the impossible to get, souvenir red mittens!"

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