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Oprah did not pull plug on 'Lindsay'

Lindsay Lohan
Photo by Araya Diaz

Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of the spotlight for several years. Currently fans are watching her in “Lindsay,” a docu-series on the OWN network. The show centers around what Lohan is doing in her life post-rehab. The cameras follow her doing some of the most “ordinary” things in life. From throwing diva fits to unpacking her apartment, the fun never stops. According to an April 16 report from E! Online, Oprah did not cancel “Lindsay” like rumors are indicating. The show was picked up for eight episodes and the last one is set to air next Sunday.

Since coming out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan has admitted to having at least one drink. Several rumors are circulating about her being off the wagon, but nothing has been confirmed. The most recent rehab visit was attempt number six to get sober. “Lindsay” helped to keep her occupied but when filming stopped, was she able to keep it all together?

When fans watch “Lindsay” on Sunday nights, the Twitter feed for the show goes crazy with comments. Fans use #LindsayOnOwn to get noticed and many of the responses are not positive. Lindsay Lohan needs to get serious about her life and begin to keep commitments before anyone will take her seriously. She was shown blowing off a photo shoot with “Elle Indonesia” because she was too tired from working the night before and couldn't make it on-time.

The future is unknown for Lindsay Lohan. If she works hard and proves herself, she may be able to have a successful career. Fans are on the fence with Lohan because she has been so unpredictable in recent years. Oprah did something really beneficial for Lohan and it looks like it may have impacted her life in a positive way. As “Lindsay” comes to an end on OWN, fans wish Lohan the best while trying to walk a path of sobriety.

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