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Oppression of religion begins in primary education

Suppressing religious expression begins systematically at the primary school level.

Modeling for oppression towards religion begins in our primary education, continues through middle school, is enforced also in high school, and the worst offenders are our colleges and universities that are churning out edicts to discourage religious expression.

Intimidation of religious expression is documented in cases being practiced in primary education where young boys or girls that pray over their lunches, bring Bibles, or wish to share their faith are chided into silence. The impression is quickly implied that open displays of religion are not acceptable. The constitutional guarantee which forbids restricting religious expression is routinely ignored.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has extensive files on school teachers, administrations, and school boards demonstrating intolerant policies towards religious expression.

Lawsuits generated from “watch groups” that claim to be protectors of constitutional rights as the ACLU under certain circumstances with religion will threaten or intimidate schools into a “no religion” policy should there be religious expression from the students or teachers.

A classic example of how out of touch these self-appointed thought police are typically arises during graduation exercises as gratitude towards a belief system in Christianity never passes without reported suppression of religious expression.

Such was the case involving a hypocritical ACLU in Virginia that attempted to get one high school to remove a religious song from their graduation ceremony.

This high school has a tradition of singing a song “Till We Meet Again at Jesus’ Feet” since 1940 when the Thomas Walker High School in Ewing, Virginia was established. The song evolved to “God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again”. According to Superintendent Mark Carter there had not been one concern or issue brought forth by anyone at the school or any member of the community.

The ACLU stepped in and attempted to strong arm the school into removing the song from the graduation service and temporarily succeeded in having the song removed.

However a backlash from the community encouraged the seniors of high school to “keep on singing and praying” by post numerous yard signs.

Upon receiving their diplomas and officially graduating from the ceremony, the seniors arose together and sang the song in defiance to the ACLU’s demands. Many in the crowd rose and joined singing the song to the delight of the seniors.

Commencement exercises have been historically a sticking point to valedictorians and speakers who are told not to share their faith or mention anything religious during the ceremony even though it is a clear violation to the religious freedom of individuals. Many comply but some students still share their faith usually with some repercussions leveled for doing so.

The freedom to express oneself hardly improves at the college level as secular professors and college administrations are known to make lives miserable for students attempting to demonstrate religious expression. Christian clubs on campus are forced to adhere to rules other clubs on campus do not have to abide.

The religious climate in general has grown increasingly negative in the last decade. A Pew Study revealed that factionalism in many areas have been created due to the attacks on religious liberty and other constitutional rights.

It is a different atmosphere today than it was as little as a generation ago.

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