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Opposition To Medical Marijuana In Florida Growing

Opposition To Medical Marijuana In Florida Growing
Opposition To Medical Marijuana In Florida Growing
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Charlotte's Web in Florida has been passed and signed into law. This is the medical marijuana that has low THC content. Amendment 2 deals with a form of medical marijuana that has a high THC content and is on the November ballot. Attorney John Morgan has led the fight for Amendment 2 all the way from its inception. He has bankrolled it and was its founder. He was key in getting it on the ballot and is fighting for it all the way. You see his father had cancer and marihuana helped ease the pain after chemotherapy.

The latest poll shows some 88% of Florida voters want it to pass. Unfortunately battle lines are growing and leading the charge against Amendment 2 is a corrupt casino owner out of Las Vegas by the name of Sheldon Adelson. What's curious is that Adelson wants to put a stop to Amendment 2 but yet he funds a lab in Israel that is working on a form of medical marijuana. In other words Adelson doesn't want competition and he has been wanting to get his foot in the door to bring his casinos to the State of Florida.

Along with Adelson, Senator Marco Rubio has come out against Amendment 2. He is in favor of the form called Charlotte's Web which has little or no THC. Recently former Governor Jeb Bush has come out against Amendment 2 saying that it will hurt the State's reputation.

Polk county Sherrif Grady Judd is lining up a group of law enforcement officials against Amendment 2 saying that it will lead to the total legalization if marijuana which by the way some 55% of the voters are in favor of occurring. At this point in time there are still more in favor of Amendment 2 than there are against it. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to