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Opposites watch out

"They say opposites attract"

Opposites attract fact or fable? Is this question an easy one to answer? It looks simple enough, but is it really that black and white? Speaking of black and white, the opposite of each other, the magnetic pull that brings them together, creating balance.

What does it mean to be opposite from another inside a relationship? Can those opposites pull or bring you closer, and how to know what is healthy, and what is toxic? The questions that can build or destroy a relationship.

The meaning of opposite is to be unlike something. Two people that are very unlike each other, often are attracted to one other. It's the uniqueness that they find in each other that can draw them towards each other. Usually it is that "awe" of Wow! This person is so different than me, it can come from the way they think, behave, or their personality in general.

Knowing the differences from what is healthy and what is toxic in these type of relationships is absolutely vital to the success. It's not the act of having different personalities that can pull two people apart. In fact the opposite personalities are often the ones that are magnetically drawn to each other.

What can pull these two people apart is the difference, or opposite in their values, direction of their life, and, their core beliefs. A person embracing their true identity is not the cause for alarm. It only becomes dangerous or toxic when one or both people start changing who they are, and what they want to satisfy the needs of another. This can be seen in many relationships and it can be very toxic, because they are compromising who they are to stay in relationships that speak quietly, but are vocalizing very loudly, "Change this about you, and you're perfect for me." It's unfair to ask anyone to be perfect, this is an illusion that many create in themselves to fulfill a void that cannot be filled by another. It all comes back to the success of ones happiness is entirely left upon them.

Now, when you have two very fulfilled people who share the same beliefs, core values and are heading in the same direction in life, who just so happen to be opposites. Then you may have a recipe for a healthy opposites attract relationship. It's all unknown until you take that first step forward, and with all things that are different from one another, it can be frightening, finding out if its worth it, is all up to you.

This is not to say that two people who are similar do not attract, because they can, but that is for another article.

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