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Opposing forces cause Full Moon waters to rise

Astrology is a cosmic influencing science. It is the process of taking different energies from the solar system, melding their characteristics, and condensing them into meaning and interpretation for everyday living. The Full Moon is an event that happens monthly, sometimes twice as in a Blue Moon, helping us expose the fullness of our lives by highlighting what we most often do not want to see. On January 15, 2014 we are to experience the sensitivity of the water elements surfacing in our lives as the Full Moon is in the expression of Cancer. Cancerian energy aglow is coupled with Capricorn; an earthly action orientated somewhat disciplined minded grounding helper.

Astrology is the blending of many sciences and philosophies.Understanding the energy of the stars, planets, aspects, signs and nodes is just another way to get to know ourselves in an out of this world way.
Astrology is the blending of many sciences and philosophies.Understanding the energy of the stars, planets, aspects, signs and nodes is just another way to get to know ourselves in an out of this world way.
Soulshine9 Productions
What is reflecting back is what is in need of healing.

How do we navigate these turbulent emotional waters cresting during the three days of expression this Full Moon?

Get your life vest out, a paddle, and an ice pick. Without too much warning, the energies from above, an opposition of forces, will induce sensations of past wounds and deep disturbances creating temper tantrums or enlightening victories. Our intent with these cosmic challenges is to allow ourselves to experience all the sensations that may have been frozen into ice caps causing interior barriers, holding us in emotional bondage to decayed matters. By partnering with Capricorn, we can chip away at the ice and determine what we should keep and purify or reorganize and let go. We become overly emotional in our lives when we have not expressed our deepest feelings. These emotions, bottled up, stay alive within the crystals of sound and sensation in our bodies. The words and dialogue we use with ourselves become healthy nutrients that filter our emotional waters so we stay in the natural flow, or they can become like heavy sinking mass that distorts and discolors causing illusion and confusion.

Clean water is essential for all life.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is an energy scholar and peace activist who created an astounding experiment using water. His findings discovered our everyday words spoken present a picture of beauty or destruction by capturing ice forming crystals under a microscope. Everything, including us, has the fundamental ingredients for life: water and eternal energy. We hear people discuss this life giving force as: Life Force Energy. This energy is what creates matter, attaches to like-kind vibrations, and distributes a frequency for reception. Unconditional Love is the heart of all undistorted matter. This concept was proven in Dr. Emoto’s experiment.

Dr. Emoto took pure samples of water from rivers nearby his testing site. He found that water near a city did not provide any crystals of beauty. He decided to use hospital distilled water to conduct his experiments as it would provide for the most purely consistent sample. Compassionate and conscientious words, soft music, and images were presented to the water specimens under the microscope. This group resulted in intricate and eye pleasing formations. In contrast, destructive words, sounds and images were presented to the frozen water crystals which resulted in anything but beautiful formations.

More information on his continuing studies can be discovered by visiting his website:

This information helps in our Full Moon journey tonight. Recalling the fact that we are made mostly of water, we can see the importance of constant cleansing and the replenishing of our precious body source. This Full Moon in Cancer is here to help us examine our emotions by breaking open, melting and chipping away with the Sun of Capricorn the icicles around our wounds and the crystallization of emotional breakdowns past. What we say, visualize and hear has a great impact on the vibration of our lives. Holding on to images of the past and revisiting them through the mind, keeps them alive.

Our voyage this Full Moon is to venture into these melting emotional disturbances and channel them toward the heart for healing and forgiveness. With loving thoughts and intentions, the ugliest of compositions can be healed and made beautiful. The density of our lives is felt by holding on to unnecessary mass. The action to expound and ground in the illumination of the moonlight is to unload and relinquish the rubbish that has been tainting our lives while recycling the vital energy lessons through the heart for transmutation.

This Full Moon, go to a place near water, if possible, and heal the reflection we see by saying these words:

I am you in the reflection I see, so beautiful and bright. With your strength and power, Cancer Moon, I give my unneeded pain and suffering for you to cleanse and transform. I thank you, Capricorn Sun, in helping me organize my interior waters for easier flow and navigation. Tonight I find peace and harmony so that I can begin this year with delightful and receptive expectation. I allow myself to let go of the weighted mass that has caused my life to feel heavy. I am relieved and ready to experience the goodness of this life’s grace.

Create our own messages of relief or use the one above and enjoy the connection to truth the Full Moon uncovers. Find freedom in the light tonight by spreading our mended wings and soar with joy to the moon.

Happy Full Moon!

Love Courageously!

Love Exposed

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