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Opportunities: Innovation, risk taking, and collaboration


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The search for opportunity comes through a leader’s willingness to challenge the process and the status quo. Leaders seize the initiative and proliferate initiative taking among other constituents. Ideas and resourcefulness flow in open ways as everyone seeks opportunity to improve and change. Part of challenging the process is a sincere desire to experiment and tolerate risk. Small steps and small wins garner support and help move beyond challenge and risk in the negative connotation. Collaboration and interdependence further enable other constituents to act on shared values. Reciprocity comes from the realism that the leader cannot do everything on his/her own. Cooperation and trust guide constituents to higher goals.

Opportunities: Innovation, Risk Taking, and Collaboration

Leaders, especially in the present hyper-competitive, global, rapid change world today, constantly seek opportunities to do new things to maintain and build success. They do this by taking initiative, approach challenges with inspiration, innovate, and stay open to ideas both internally and externally. The purpose of this paper is to examine open approaches to seeking opportunity, dealing with risk, and auditing collaboration interactions. (Kouzes & Posner, 2003)

Open Approach Model in Seeking Opportunity

Nature of Opportunity

Change is constant and is increasing in speed and frequency of occurrence. Today, businesses trusting in the status quo find that competition and change can quickly destroy market share and revenue. So, leaders can improve the likelihood of sustained performance and life by dealing with change in positive ways. Leaders can look to the future, be proactive in seeing opportunity, and create and listen to new ideas. There are methods to help increase the proactive examination of opportunities by creating an open approach to growth. (Kouzes & Posner, 2003)

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