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Opportunistic street artist adds Photoshop toolbar to billboards

Recently, the street art of Daniel Soares made a resurgence on Reddit. The German artist sought to make some H&M ads a bit more honest by pasting a Photoshop toolbar onto several billboards in Hamburg. As of today, the Reddit posting, which claimed the artist was unknown, has received more than 2,500 upvotes even though the images were originally created in 2012. The image from the Reddit post was also reblogged on as being from an unknown artist.

Soares pasted Photoshop toolbars onto surreal-looking H&M advertisements.
Soares pasted Photoshop toolbars onto surreal-looking H&M advertisements.
Daniel Soares

Several commentators linked the artistic statement to a recent episode of South Park which addressed (specifically Kim Kardashian's) celebrity use of Photoshop and the impact of its popularized usage by young girls. “The artist is obviously jelly,” wrote Reddit user Meleagros.

Other highlights included the suggestion that the tool bar was actually part of an ingenious marketing scheme by Adobe and a host of people who were boggled by the image's classification of “Not Safe For Work” given that the billboards were located on a public street.

Andewcw poked fun at the model's unnaturally bronze skin. “Ahh yes i too enjoy my women with skin that glows like a radioactive dog turd basking in Somalian sun!” he wrote.

One person, however defended the use of photoshop. “I shoot ...professionally. Here's how I approach photoshop: When you see a you notice....anything unflattering? No. You build an image in your head from a moving image. Real life....You don't look at someone when you're talking to them in a coffee shop and notice how not-smooth their skin is or how they may have a few lbs depending on the angle...So, I split the difference in what my eye sees "in real life" and what the camera sees. In my mind, the image from the camera is not always "Real life." It's the opposite of those people who draw caricatures of people at amusement parks,” he wrote.

A gallery of the Soares's work may be found here.

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