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Opportunistic otter outstays welcome at Vancouver Marina

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Generally river otters are viewed as one of nature’s most adorable and playful creature’s. However, one river otter is proving to be too savvy for its own good according to officials at Oak Bay Marina on Vancouver Island, Canada, who now say it may have become too smart for its own good.

After watching local harbor seals being fed by humans who come to the Marina especially for the pleasure of seeing and interacting with them, the otter has apparently decided to get in on what it recognizes as a “good thing,” by regularly jumping up on the wharves and “getting up close and personal ” with people.

Basically foragers, river otters are known to take immediate advantage of any food that comes their way, consuming anything from fruit to mollusks, as well as reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, aquatic insects and even birds.

While it may look cute, officials are concerned about the otter’s lack of fear, and worry that it could eventually bite or claw someone. As a result, the little opportunist may soon find itself exiled to another site either on or off the Island. However, officials need to keep in mind that river otters have been known to travel up to 26 miles in one day.

Note: The animals, which can grow to be anywhere from 11-33 lbs, generally live to be about 9-13 years old in the wild, although some kept in captivity can live as long as 21 years.