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Opponents of city/county merger presented historical and economical facts

Opponents of City/ County unification gathered at Lodge Des Peres on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 to listen to speakers about the problems with city/ county unification. Jack Spooner, attorney at law and state senator candidate briefed the audience on the history of the subject. As viewers can see in the video.
St. Louis City is considered to be an independent city. It's a city not within a county. St. Louis City is the only city in the state that's not within the county. Baltimore, Maryland and Carson City Nevada are independent cities too. Most cities in the United States are within the a county. Proponents of brining St. Louis city within St. Louis county argue that the region will benefit by reducing redundancies, saving money and making things more efficient. Opponents argue that unifying St. Louis city and county will increase waste, redundancies and force the county to pay for St. Louis expenses.
During her presentation, Jennifer Bird pointed out that St. Louis pays more for services for the same services then the county even though the county has more population. For example St. Louis County's Division of personnel $1.8 million 22 employees where as St. Louis city pays $2.9 million for 40 employees. St. Louis County Parks department pays $2,191 for 12,000 acres where as the city pays $10,312. 3,200 acres.

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Damien Johnson
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