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Opinion: Teen star charged with DUI

He has been a teen idol for some time now, originally introduced to the world as a wholesome, squeaky-clean star that teenage girls idolized and fawned over.

Now, teen star Justin Bieber has found himself in the middle of controversy yet again, charged with driving under the influence in Florida. He was also charged with resisting arrest.

In our society, watching a young star rise and suddenly fall is nothing new. We have seen it all before, in many cases.

However, in this young man's case, it may be "too much, too soon." The Canadian-born music star first burst on to the scene at the young age of 14, after becoming a sensation on the videosharing website, YouTube. At just 19 years of age, he has achieved an amount of international fame that even few adults would have been prepared for.

He was arrested, though he was released on bail, and the case is still pending.

However, many teenagers all over the nation drink, do drugs, and get caught speeding. Fortunately, those other teenagers do not have the eyes of the world watching them like this young man does. Transgressions among "normal" teenagers are far easier to cover up than they are for one of the world's most famous teenagers.

Whatever problems this famous teenager does have, hopefully he will get whatever help he needs.

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