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Opinion: Freeport man arrested, accused of running animal fighting ring

A Freeport man has been arrested, following a garage fire that left 13 pit bulls dead.

The garage had allegedly been used to run an animal fighting ring, with horrific evidence of cruelty left behind by the aftermath of the fire, including treadmills used to train the dogs for fighting.

Fortunately, however, there were several other pit bulls found alive at the scene.

This man is hardly the first person ever arrested for allegedly running a dog fighting ring. Perhaps most famously, football player Michael Vick spent time in prison for his role in a dog fighting ring. However, the very idea of training and breeding animals is fight each other is wrong on many levels.

Putting animals into violent fights that will leave them hurt, as well as far more aggressive than they were before, is an extraordinarily cruel practice that needs to be addressed further. While laws for animal fighting rings need greater reform, hopefully the arrest of this person will make other people who participate in such rings will think twice about what they are doing.

Animals should be care for by humans, not taken advantage of.

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