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Opinion: animal abuse

It is always disturbing to hear of cases which involve cruelty against another member of the human race. However, it is sometimes perhaps more disturbing to hear about a person being cruel or neglectful to an animal. This is mainly because unlike humans, animals are often not able to defend themselves.

Recently, a Long Island man pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. Along with two other people, he was charged with mutilating a dog.

Animals bring so much joy into the lives of so many people, and the thought that anyone could treat them with disrespect or hurt them should be unfathomable. If a person does not want a dog for whatever reason, they can always give away the dog to a loving family that would take that animal into their home. What is the point of harming a poor animal?

Perhaps if a person who abuses an animal for fun or amusement were subjected to the same treatment from a person, they would think twice about ever doing something to an animal.

Cruelty, whether it is done to a human or an animal, should never be accepted.

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