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OPI Shrek Forever After collection


Photo courtesy of OPI

Although I am not a huge fan of the Shrek movies I have to admit that this collection is my favorite of the year. I think the best part of this collection is that it fits into my taste of nail polish colors. There isn't a color on the red or pink spectrum, which I have to say is a breathe of fresh air. I can't remember when was the last time I have seen a collection without a red or pink color in it. I am fan of those too, but every once in a while I enjoy wearing colors that don't fit into the norm. So a big congratulations goes out to OPI for this great endeavor. I have already gotten compliments when I wore two of the colors. The colors stand out and if you are like me and don't feel the need to match your nail polish color to match your outfits then these unique colors are for you.

Here are the details of the colors from left to right from the image above: 

Rumple's Wiggin' is a beautiful lilac color that not only goes well with the colors in the movie but is a perfect trendy light purple for the summer time.

What's With The Cattitude? is a light blue color that resembles the clear sky on a summery day. Just like Rumple's Wiggin' these lighter colors in the collection aren't too pastel like, which is hard to do in such light colors.

Fiercely Fiona is a yellow and lime green mixed together. It is hard to describe really, but if you have seen the Shrek movies and have seen Shrek's wife, Fiona this color is it. it is actually really impeccable to see how similar this color is to the one you see on the movie screen.

Funky Dunkey is a dark purple color, the color resembles a grape. At first when I saw this color I was taken aback because I thought the dark purple wouldn't fit into the season, but once I applied it I saw how it wasn't too dark and was rather a rich trendy purple.

Ogre-the-top Blue is a cobalt blue color. Sort of reminds me of a smurf blue color. This color is perfect to wear at night time when going out to a nice dinner.

Who the Shrek are you? is exactly the color of Shrek. Just like Fiercely Fiona this is the same color you will see on the movie screen. Any fans of Shrek will love this one.


It takes 3 coats of each color to get a solid thick color on your nails. Ask for any of these colors next time you get a manicure or pedicure a salon in Columbus. Also, be sure to check out Shrek Forever After in theaters nationwide.


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