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OPI Newest Collection featuring Disney's Muppets Most Wanted

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Nail giant OPI is collaborating with Disney on a new limited edition nail lacquer collection based on Muppets Most Wanted movie. The OPI nail lacquers include brand new special glitters with high shine, unusual shapes plus a metamorphic shade named for Kermit. The collection is 8 brand new shades named specifically for the best scenes and characters in the upcoming movie.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP explained the choices behind the new collection. “Fashionable Miss Piggy is represented through soft pink, peach and pearlescent hues, as well as a frosty sapphire blue – Miss Piggy’s Big Number – to match her fabulous tour gown. The remaining four shades highlight the film’s unexpected elements and include a color-shifting mauve and three sparkle-packed lacquers – including my personal favorite Gaining Mole-mentum, a gold and rose chunky shredded glitter.”

For those who are fans of GelColor by OPI 4 of the Disney Muppets Most Wanted limited edition shades are available. Muppets World Tour, Kermit Me to Speak, Gaining Mole-Mentum, and Let's Do Anything We Want are available in OPI Nail Lacquer or OPI GelColor.

  • Muppets World Tour: White quartz in clear coat with colorful sparkles.
  • Miss Piggy’s Big Number: An electric sapphire blue.
  • Kermit me to Speak: A metamorphic shade with mauve, brown.
  • Gaining Mole-Mentum: A gold and rose chunky shredded glitter.
  • Chillin’ Like a Villain: A sheer nude with orange undertones.
  • I Love Applause: A sheer soft pink.
  • Let’s do Anything We Want: A rose gold glitter with white confetti in a clear coat.
  • Int’l Crime Caper: An opalescent pearl polish that isn’t quite sheer.