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Operation Supply Drop has to Fight Hackers for the Troops

Operation Supply Drop
Operation Supply Drop
Operation Supply Drop

Since it was founded in November 2010, Operation Supply Drop has raised and distributed $750,000 in video games and gear to troops deployed in combat zones or recovering in military hospitals.

Operation Supply Drop is dedicated to “Making Fun Where There Is None!”

Research indicates that video games provide many benefits to our soldiers deployed overseas.

Video games can even have a profound therapeutic effect on troops serving in a warzone or attempting to reacclimatize back into society after they return from a deployment

Video Games vs. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Research on PTSD confirms that people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have a significantly fewer flashbacks while focusing on a “highly engaging visual-spatial task” (e.g. video games).

Video Games vs. the Soldier Suicide Epidemic
Since the end of the Iraq war, suicide rates among our troops who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have skyrocketed to an all-time high.

In June 2012, the situation got so bad that military suicides outnumbered the number of combat fatalities in Afghanistan: 154 suicides to 124 killed in action.

Multiplayer games provide our troops with friendly, competitive social environment after work hours. In short, they help prevent the isolation that leads to suicide.

So instead of going back to their bunk and brooding alone, after another day in a combat zone, the troops have the opportunity to hold a Guitar Hero competition or play a few games of Madden 2012.

Gaming is a great way to keep soldiers from feeling isolated and alone while they are tens of thousands of miles away from their family and friends.

Video Games vs. Long Deployments
When you are deployed to a hostile country where people are actively trying to kill you, a year deployment seems like it might last forever. Time just drags, and playing video games when you’re not on duty is a perfect way to help move that clock along more quickly.

A gamer sits down to play a game for five minutes and suddenly three or four hours had passed in no time.

Never Give Up, Never give In
Operation Supply Drop had scheduled a 24-hour 8-Bit Salute fundraising marathon on May 17th-18th.

But the 8-Bit Salute website was brought down by a “consolidated botnet” hacking attack to the point where it will not be up until after the event is over.

Operation Supply Drop didn’t give up. They fought back. People can continue to make donations by using the Operation Supply Drop PayPal page.

Or you can hold on to your donations and then make a mass donation when the site comes back up. Operation Supply Drop had scheduled has scheduled a make-up weekend for the 8-Bit Salute on May 24-25.

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