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Operation Kindness has brought us many Dog Day Afternoons

Photos from this year's Dog Day Afternoon.
Photos from this year's Dog Day Afternoon.
Steve Hensley

I remember bringing my husky, K2 to Operation Kindness Dog Day Afternoon at Bob Woodruff Park in Plano back in the late 1990s. K2 is gone, but the Dog Days Event goes on. This year's event was at Flagpole Hill in Dallas. Flagpole Hill is a great place for a dog event but it is only the latest venue to host this event. Named after a 70's movie about a bank robbery that didn't even have one dog in it, Dog Day Afternoon has been Operation Kindness' signature event for years.

Dog Day Afternoon 2012
Steve Hensley

The year they had it at Rosenmeade Park in Carrollton I brought my blind husky, Tracker to the event. People had a hard time telling he couldn't see. Even when he was bobbing for hot dogs at the plastic pool. That old dog did everything by smell. Even the tail wagging contest. He got special mention for being the only blind participant in multiple contests.

One time, during the Bob Woodruff Park years, K2 actually met talk show host and Operation Kindness board member, Russ Martin. Russ gave K2 quite a rub down. The guy really loves dogs. K2 also got to sniff the backside of Russ' Batmobile during the event.

Some of the best years for the Dog Day Afternoon were to be had when they had the event at Hawaiian Falls in Garland. That year, my border collie, Cody found a pack of about seven other border collies at the wave pool all chasing frisbees and anything else that flew. He had a great time getting wet at that event.

Some things are standard at every Dog Day Afternoon no matter where they have it. There is always a costume contest and it is usually won by a well dressed weenie dog or miniature poodle. The Dallas Dog and Disc Club always shows up and many demos are done. There is always some kind of event involving knocking over the most one liter soda bottles with a tail and that event is usually won with the whip tail of a pit bull.

At this year's event, gourmet food trunks, the latest craze, were on hand to feed the people while dozens of other vendors provided food and treats for the dogs. And of course there were dogs. Big dogs. Little dogs. Furry dogs. Skinny dogs. All kinds of dogs, most of them rescued. Let's hope there will be many more Dog Day Afternoons to come.