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Operation Felix much in need of donations

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt warns about big charities sollicitation: "Officials warn you should also be leery of charities with names similar to well-known organizations. It’s a common practice but beware of appeals that are long on emotion but short on facts." (

What is the legitimity of Humane Society International Canada appeals for donations following the seizure of Operation Felix' cats last year. HSI is a subsidiary of HSUS which is under scrutiny in Oklahoma for its sollicitation following the tornadoes.

While MAPAQ (Québec animal control) is asking from us $100,000 for the return of our cats, which they seized illegally in the first place, HSI is asking for donations to save animals from "horrible conditions" in Québec.

All the while they are spreading a bad reputation for Québec and its rescue groups and we never could find out where the donations are going.

It will cost us a huge amount of $$$ to fight this good fight. We already had to close the shelter because we could not afford the rent. We will look for a new place when the cats are coming back. The new shelter will have to meet the new régulations which are next to impossible to meet already.

Meanwhile, if you want to help with the recovery of these cats that were marked for adoption (one family is still waiting for the little Belle aka Mona) it is best that you use the links and information on our Facebook page to make sure the much needed dollars are coming to us. Thank you

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