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Operation Felix' come back

Last winter was so cold in Quebec, it took a huge toll on stray cats in the greater Montreal area. We have reports of many little mothers frozen to death with their babies.

The forced closing of Operation Felix shelter was in no way helping since all the coordination I was doing towards the rescue of endangered cats was halted on November 25, 2013 with the illegal seizure of our own cats by animal control.

I must praise the energy small rescues developed to take over, organizing themselves in their own area and promoting adoption of rescued cats and kittens.

But we are facing an overpopulation crisis no matter what the private club says and Operation Felix must make a comeback to take part in a huge movement towards education and planning of massive sterilisation programs and the set up of feral colonies everywhere.

Strays are suffering from a lack of support and recognition and OP intends to do something about it in view of the next winter cold season.

In order to do so, OP must fight its Court case to get back the cats seized illegally and mostly create a precedent and help victims of such seizures in the future. Nobody is sheltered from such illegal seizures or immune against a Facebook defamation campaign.

So it has to stop if we want to help the endangered stray cats in this province.

The small rescues, in order to save the strays had to find homes for them in a hurry. Many and I mean many homes took in just one more cat, risking going over the limit of their municipality or neighbourhood regulations. All these homes are now exposed to retaliation and we must gang up together to turn this huge boat around.

Operation Felix is counting on every one of you to participate in every way you can. I put up a crowdfunding site where you can give on line small amounts of money. Please share among your contacts. No movement can exist without financial support from the community.

For larger donations, an income tax receipt is still available. Just write to me for more info.

Here’s the link:

Thank you

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