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Operation Backpack is going strong

A highly used statement in life says "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem". The statement is definitive in what side of the "fence" one may be on, no middle ground exists. Melissa Dawn is a songwriter, singer, worship leader, business woman, but most importantly a child of God. She recognized a need in her community as a servant at True Holy Church in Brooklyn, roughly 4 years ago. As Melissa helped her church in their food pantry, she noticed the abundance of children accompanying parents to receive grocery bags and other supplies. A spark ignited within Melissa and some of the other church leaders; "We wanted to find a way to cater specifically to the children. Providing them with tools for the start of the school year was just one of the many ideas we had. We did some research, joined forces, and established the first Operation Backpack as a community initiative."

Launch Party
Melissa Dawn Music

Operation Backpack is a great movement to impact the future generations. A very special moment in time is forever cemented in the life of a child, when you can give him or her hope. "Operation backpack" is a community service initiative serving youth living in homeless shelters, and low-income homes, sponsored by Melissa Dawn & Daybreak Music along with True Holy Church City of Refuge in Brooklyn NY. Through generous donations, they are able to provide students living in homeless shelters, or from low-income homes with fully loaded backpacks and toiletries for the upcoming school year. A few years ago True Holy Church City of Refuge was the winner of the Mary Mary "Something Big" contest, which Ms. Dawn was instrumental in spearheading. They were recognized for their great community work and highlighted nationally.

The contest was a great motivator for the work of community involvement to continue to shine to leave a lasting impact. "I think it highlighted the fact that though a group or organization may be small in numbers, it isn't difficult to create a widespread impact. True Holy Church has been and continues to be a trailblazer in community outreach efforts. Daybreak Music, my music company, has the same vision and it just made sense to join forces. There's so much power in unity!", said Dawn.

On Friday August 8th at 8pm, the music launch party and charity fundraiser for "Operation Backpack" will take place in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Melissa Dawn will be releasing her new single "Light Up The Darkness", which she wrote. The song was produced by Silvio "Da Remedy" Delis, and Vernel "JayR" Samuel (also known as Beyond Forever/After Space).

""Light Up The Darkness" is a call to action. Music is a universal language that we're employing to ignite passion in others. In a world filled with darkness, we want it to be known that we have power within us to literally be a light in dark places. With "Operation Backpack", we want to encourage children to use their education to "light up the darkness" in their communities. We want the children we are serving to know that they matter and that they can make a difference. My goal is to raise at least $1000 towards backpacks, school supplies, and toiletries for the children we are serving."

Music is a powerful medium and one in which messages can transcend cultures, generations, and economic backgrounds. The integrating of community efforts and music is a great combination. Melissa's passion for the two is evident whenever she speaks on either topic.

The music I create with my band is a direct reflection of who we are. We believe Love is the greatest power, we believe in community, we believe in empowering our youth and young adults - our music speaks to all of these ideas. Melissa Dawn and DAYBREAK's soul mission is to "Light Up The Darkness." The play on words is no coincidence. We want the world to know that no matter how dark the night may be, dawn will come and the sun will eventually shine. Our community efforts mirror the message in the music. -Melissa Dawn

Melissa Dawn's music company Daybreak Music brings together some of NYC's most talented musicians. Melissa will be backed by an amazing band on Friday, as she shines her light for the Brooklyn Community to see. If anyone is interested in helping Melissa Dawn and Operation Backpack meet their goal they can contact them directly via her social networks. All donations to Operation Backpack are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The team plans to document and record giving out the backpacks and school supplies so that all those who donated will be able to see where their money went.

In addition to the aforementioned ways of contact, a GoFundMe page shall be set up, for out of state contributors and folks who will not be in attendance on Friday.

For further info and to follow Melissa Dawn:

IG: Melissa.Dawn

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