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Operate Now - Dental Implant Surgery Game online

Operate Now - Dental Implant
Operate Now - Dental Implant

There is an online game where you can play dentist and do dental implant surgery. It can be found at

I played the game once and tried to go back and open it again and was met with advertisements for another game called Kirby not just once but three times while the game loaded. It took several minutes for the game to load.

The game comes with a warning "Don't try this at home" before the actual game starts.

My game scenario started with James being hit with a stray ball that caused one of his lower front teeth to break off. A crown was not an option because too much of the tooth was lost to the accident and the remainder of the tooth was extracted. My mission was to place a dental implant after the extraction.

The next step in the game was to take an x-ray on James. I had to choose from the following dental materials to take the x-ray:

  1. Custom crown
  2. Positioner
  3. Contour Waxing Coping
  4. Numbing Gel
  5. Surgical Suction Instrument
  6. Sutures

I chose the wrong one to see what happened and it gave me a second chance. The game told me to choose positioner even though I had never seen that before because it looked more like a night guard or bleaching tray than anything I'd ever used to x-ray a patient. The resulting x-ray shown looked like a panoramic x-ray which goes around the patient's head. The cartoon x-ray machine they used in the game was not moving so it would have been used for a bite-wing x-ray or a periapical x-ray in real life not the pano film they showed after you took the x-ray.

Then I was asked to do anesthesia and use numbing gel on James and then the game told me to pick up the needle. There again were six choices and none was called "needle" specifically so it helps if you know a little about dentistry before you play this game.

The music playing in the background was a piano with what sounds like violins, violas and some stringed instruments with a jazzy beat in the background while you make your surgical decisions.

Well I chose anesthesia which turned out to be the correct choice for the choose the needle portion of the game. There was another type of needle you could choose as well but I have dental knowledge so it helped.

Then you have to pick up the dental elevator to remove the tooth which was an easy choice. Next is the forceps. Then suction and a timer started to make sure I got it done in 5 minutes. I purposely failed to see what would happened. A screen came up that said "you compromised the operation and now your patient is too unstable." The music then stopped and a heartbeat kept playing until I chose the option to play again.

An advertisement for the Kirby game again played. This time I chose the wrong needle and 100 points were taken off and the screen read "please concentrate."

When the timer starts you have to pick up and use the instruments including a scalpel, and others and then place a temporary crown. An impression is taken and the final restoration is placed. The second time when I picked up everything I got the implant done long before the clock stopped. At the end I chose "play as intern" and the exact same game was given to me again.

Then I chose "play as specialist" and no hints were given at the top of the screen. If you are in dentistry the play as specialist option is what you should choose. If you want to just learn about what happens when an implant is placed choose the intern option. When I chose "play as specialist" I got a higher score because the hints were not coming across the top of the screen and it wasn't as distracting plus my time was much faster.

This is a good game for anyone who wants to have fun and learn about dental implants. I recommend the Operate Now: Dental Implant game for patients who have trouble understanding all the steps involved because many patients will understand the process of placing implants much better than all the fancy colorful brochures with photos and diagrams.

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