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Opening to Channel


Open the doorway to inner knowing

You hear it, the little voice in your head, your heart, speaking to you profound truths that can be shushed away in an instant of distraction. But what if we stopped for a moment to listen? What if that moment lasted a lifetime? Let the Spirit of the Universe* guide you in your life. Open your heart to the vast possibilities that lie in your path. Open your heart to channel.

It is not always easy to sit down and quiet the mind in meditation. It is not always easy to make a group meeting where you can exercise the gift of channeling that lies within you. What may be easy is to allow opportunities to come to you.

Channeling Exercise

  • First, accept that the Universe knows what you want and can will it to happen instantly.
  • Second, know yourself and know if channeling is what you truly want. Accept it.
  • Third, allow the Universe to bring you opportunities each day to exercise your gift. Look for the signs, open your eyes to the possibilities and find yourself walking a path you always dreamed of.
  • After you listen to the little things, it will be easier to hear the powerful messages from your Guides and your Higher Self**. You will understand your destiny.

*‘Spirit of the Universe’ or ‘Universe’ is the energy and source of all things. It is God, Goddess, our beginning. It is all matter that surrounds us and is within us. It is consciousness.

**Higher Self is your Soul, that which is connected to the Universe and has the wisdom of all things. This can be accessed through meditation and channeling to live your full potential.