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Opening This Weekend: Old Glory, Salam Shalom; Closing This Weekend: Celadine, Calliope Rose


The west coast premiere of Old Glory opens Mar. 5 at The Victory Theatre Center

Say hello to human drama and war, the Middle East and unexpected romance. Say goodbye to independence and espionage, mythology and eastern seaboard lighthouses. Closing this weekend are productions of Celadine at the Colony Theatre and Calliope Rose at Studio/Stage. Opening this weekend is the west coast premiere of Old Glory at the Victory Theatre and the world premiere of a newly revised production of Salam Shalom at Greenway Court Theatre.

Old Glory at The Victory Theatre Center’s Big Vic Theatre, opening Mar. 5
Kicking off The Victory Theatre Center’s 30th anniversary season is the west coast premiere of Brett Nevue’s Old Glory. Described by the Chicago Tribune as “…haunting, intimate and intensely moving,” Old Glory explores the magnitude of loss that can result from war. The Tribune goes on to say that, “Neveu doesn’t so much write plot-driven dramas as hang human beings out to dry, letting their vulnerabilities twist quietly in the wind.” This is not so much political drama as it is human drama.

The cast for Old Glory includes Tom Ormany as Peter, Pete Gardner as Torlief, Kathleen Bailey as Margaret, Garikayi Mutambirwa as Scott, Jarrett Sleeper as Rat and James Messenger as Goss. It is directed by Carri Sullens.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Old Gloryat The Victory Theatre Center (The Big Vic), 3326 Victory Blvd., Burbank. Performances: Fri. and Sat. at 8pm, Sun. at 4pm. Mar. 5-Apr. 25. Tickets: $22-$34; group, senior and student rates available. Reservations: 818/841-5421, or online at Running time: unknown.

Salam Shalom opens Mar. 6 at Greenway Court Theatre

Salam Shalom at the Greenway Court Theatre, opening Mar. 6
A lot has changed in the last five years, when the award-winning Salam Shalom was last produced in LA. For this current production, playwright Saleem has re-written and substantially revised the script to reflect the current political realities in the Middle East. A visiting Arabic Ph.D candidate and an Israeli graduate student are housed together at UCLA. What starts as culture shock gradually turns to romance as the two men get to know who they truly are. Ultimately, Salam Shalom concerns not just communication in relationships, but also respect, love, and determination among people.

Saleem is an openly gay Palestinian-American performer/playwright, who believes in promoting cultural understanding between people (especially Palestinians and Israelis).
He wrote and performed a workshop production of Salam Shalom in 1995, which premiered at the Open Fist a year later. Saleem was honored as the recipient of the 1996 Harvey Fierstein GLAAD award for Best Original Writing for Salam Shalom… A Tale of Passion, based on his own life.

The cast of Salam Shalom features Saleem, Korken Alexander, Jay Ali, Eileen Barnett, Rafael Feldman, Avner Garbi, and Christine Joëlle. Ty Donaldson directs.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Salam Shalom at The Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N. Fairfax Blvd., Los Angeles. Performances: Fri. at 8pm, Sat. at 3pm and 8pm, Sun. at 7pm Mar. 6-Apr. 17. Tickets: $22-$25; seniors and Levintine Cultural Center members $20; rush $15. Reservations: 323/655-7679 ext.100, or online at Running time: unknown.

L to R: Giselle Wolf, Will Barker and Holly Hawkins in Celadine at The Colony Theatre

 Celadine at the Colony Theatre, closing Mar. 7
The west coast premiere of Charles Evered’s Celadine is the fourth production in the Colony Theatre Company’s 35th season. Directed by Andrew Barnicle, Celadine tells the tale of a fiercely intelligent woman who becomes entangled in a lively, lusty tale of espionage and mistaken identity in 17th century London. It's a free-spirited romp involving a king in disguise, a mischievous maidservant, a playwright in mourning, a tailor who can't speak, and a mysterious actor who may be more dangerous than he seems. This bawdy, sexy comedy comes complete with spying, sword fighting and cross-dressing – a little something for everyone!

The Celadine cast includes Will Barker, Larry Cedar, Holly Hawkins, Michael A. Newcomer, and Giselle Wolf as Celadine.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Celadine at the Colony Theatre, 555 N. Third St., Burbank. Performances: Thurs.-Sat. at 8pm, and Sun. at 2pm. Tickets: $37-$42. Reservations: 818/558-7000, ext. 15, or click here. Running time: unknown.


Calliope Rose closes Mar. 7 at Studio/Stage

 Calliope Rose at Studio/Stage, closing Mar. 7 Playwright Bill Sterritt has coined his play, Calliope Rose, “a mythological comedy.” In Greek mythology, Calliope is the oldest, wisest and most forthright of the Muses, a small group of goddesses who are the inspiration for literature and the arts.
In Sterritt’s play, Calliope Rose Walker is a devotee of the ancient Greek gods and of the Greek Ideal, a specific behavioral code of conduct. She lives an isolated life on an island off the coast of Beacon, Maine, where she is the keeper of the last manned lighthouse in the country. Because there have been several suspicious deaths at sea, Rose has become suspect. Dexter, a government investigator posing as a lighthouse painter, romances both Rose and her grown daughter, Tina, as he searches for clues in the mysterious deaths.

But Rose has her own mystery hanging over her. Two decades earlier her husband, Jason, disappeared at sea, and Rose has essentially sequestered herself away from men until his return. Meanwhile, her daughter, Tina, is anxious to gain control of the lighthouse so she can turn it into a tourist attraction. But what really happened to Jason? And what impact Dexter will have on both women?

The cast for Calliope Rose includes Dyan Kane as Rose, Ashley Archambeau as Tina, Chris Pauley as Jason and Rob Ulett as Dexter.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Calliope Rose at Studio/Stage, 520 N. Western, Los Angeles. Performances: Fri.-Sat. at 8pm, and Sun. at 3pm. Tickets: $10; $20 closing performance, which includes Oscar telecast and party. Reservations: 323/463-3900 or email Running time: unknown.


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