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Opening the basement: Interview with Chris of 3 Doors Down

Chris tells us what's in the basement...
Photo by John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR

Having embarked on their latest venture on January 10 in Reno, NV, 3 Doors Down has been bringing their humble beginnings to stage after stage across the country. While the bands had taken some time out to explore other aspects of life and regroup, they seem to have found the best way to start over: by actually starting over. The “Songs From The Basement Tour” puts fans in touch with the band’s origins, marks their first acoustic tour and brings with it not only a new side of 3 Doors Down, but a new development in their an interaction. We got a chance to talk to talk with lead guitarist Chris Henderson about the tour, the fans and getting closer than ever before.

What have you guys learned about yourselves since going acoustic?
CH: We’ve learned as a band that we are capable of playing together, you know what I mean. When you play electric you go out and you bang and the songs sound good, but it becomes more about the movement and the overall concert versus the performance. When you play acoustic, it s more about each person's performance together than the band’s performance. So, I think by playing acoustic that we have to kind of rein that in a little bit. You can’t just bang on an acoustic guitar and expect it to sound good, you have to play it.

Going back to basics can be either refreshing or unnerving. How did you guys handle this reboot?
CH: It started out unnerving but after the first two or three shows it became refreshing. It’s a nice easy ay to play our songs. Like I said, it’s not about going out night after night and melting faces.

I hear there’s some crowd participation?
CH: Yeah, we have people on stage with us.

How has that worked out for you guys?
CH: For me, letting the crowd onstage you basically invite them into your show. It’s almost like they’re in the basement with us, because they’re sitting on couches right there with us, and they’re getting the same show I’m getting even though I’m performing in it. It’s a really cool experience for I think for them, and definitely for us, because they’re sitting up there with us and not separated- like they’re the crowd and we’re the band. They’re up there with us on the stage and they’re just as much part of the show as we are, sometimes more so if you get someone that’s really into the show. Sometimes the crowd will really feed off that.

How did you guys prep for this tour?
CH: We’re not a real big prep band. I think we do a few days of rehearsal, we’ll knock a few songs down and we’ll play and we’ll go out and we’ll do it. Our prep will happen at the first show. That the way we’ve always done it. We’ve never choreographed moves, or speeches and all that stuff. It keeps it fresh keeps it new and keeps it fun.

Finally, what is one song from the set list that you personally connect with?
CH: "Away From The Sun" would be the song that I really feel a strong connection with because of when we wrote it,the way it was written, the way it was recorded, and the way it ends up being played night after night. It's one of those songs, people love “Kryptonite” and they love “Here Without You,” but they really connect with that song. So, that would be the song I would say and it’s my favorite song to play, and I love the lyrics. I can not only play it, but I can also listen to it.

There are still several dates left on the tour, which is set to run through September 26. Also, in November the guys are planning their annual event for The Better Life Foundation. You can find more “Songs From The Basement” dates on the band’s Facebook page and check out more about The Better Life Foundation on its website. Don't miss this opportunity to get to know 3 Doors Down all over again!

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