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Opening night preview party of the Los Angeles Antique Show benefiting P.S. ARTS

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Meyer, both Host Committee Members
(Photo: Wire Image/Stefanie Keenan)
Courteney Cox and Jennifer Meyer, both Host Committee Members (Photo: Wire Image/Stefanie Keenan)

P.S. ARTS (Photo: Courtesy of P.S. ARTS)

The worlds of high society and fine art have always been interlaced, and members of this exclusive community, from A-list celebrities to European royalty, to descendants of the late J. Paul Getty, all possess one common trait… a Rockefeller size trust fund. For the well-to-do collecting fine art is considered an inspiring and stimulating hobby, for others it is a passionate obsession, but nevertheless one thing is certain, fine art is and has always been for the elite.

And the elite were out in full force last week for the debut of the 15th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show at the Santa Monica Air Center. This prestigious fine art and antiques show hosted by the Antique Dealers Association of California (ADAC), is one of the most highly anticipated shows among West Coast collectors.

This four-day event served to showcase some of the world’s finest art and antiques collections and a number of Los Angeles’ most distinguished architects, designers, artists and actors were in attendance. Show co-chairs and show exhibitors, Robert Willson and Laurent Rebuffel, promised that this year’s line up of exhibitors would be a showstopper… and they were right.

The weekend long event kicked off with the annual Opening Night Preview Party to benefit P.S. ARTS. Founded by Paul Cummins in 1991, P.S. ARTS is an amazing non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of children by bringing arts education to underserved public schools and their communities. Proceeds generated from ticket sales and sponsorships of the Opening Night Preview Party and from ad sales in the Show’s Exhibition Catalogue will go directly to benefit P.S. ARTS and their programs. This ultra exclusive, invitation-only event had a star-studded guest list that would rival any awards show. Despite gusting winds and looming storm clouds, LA socialites and members of high society, as well as over 1,000 party guests arrived at the Barker Hangar decked out in style. P.S. ARTS Chairperson, Pamela Bergman was simply delighted from the show of support and attendance from the LA community for the event and for P.S. ARTS. Equally as excited over the turnout were the Show’s host committee members, Cameron Silver, Dita Von Teese, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Meyer and Kimberly Brooks.

The preview party was a smashing success and Wednesday night’s affair raised around $115,000 for P.S. ARTS. As a result of the generosity from the LA community, P.S. ARTS will be able to continue working to provide schools and children access to arts education and additional educational programs in order to achieve academic success.

Click here to view images from the Opening Night Preview event. 


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