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Opening night of Sister Act at the Majestic Theatre

Sister Act is now playing at the Majestic Theatre.
Sister Act is now playing at the Majestic Theatre.
Photo by Sandra Cruz

The national tour of “Sister Act” is the final show of the current season of Broadway in San Antonio at the Majestic Theatre and last night was the very successful opening night. Fans of all ages turned out to see the live musical adaptation of the hit 1992 starring Whoopi Goldberg.

The show begins with Deloris auditioning for her boyfriend Curtis Jackson in the hopes that she’ll be able to sing in his nightclub. When he tells her she isn’t ready she breaks up with him and plans to leave town to pursue her dreams on her own. Unfortunately she stumbles upon Curtis and his crew as they kill someone they believe to be a squealer and she ends up going to the cops. To protect her until she can testify against Curtis in court she is hidden in the last place he would look for her-in a convent. Eventually she bonds with the nuns and helps them turn the troubled choir around which helps the church stay afloat.

This version of “Sister Act” differs from the movie in the sense that it takes place in the 70s and has a disco/Motown feel to it. The original plot of Deloris having to take refuge in a convent is the same as are the different nuns she meets during her time there. It uses humor and the universal themes of dream fulfillment and the power of friendship to thoroughly entertain audiences. At first it’s disappointing that none of the original songs are used but there are still plenty of good ones like “I Could Be That Guy,” "Haven’t Got a Prayer" and "The Life I Never Led."

Ta’rea Campbell plays Deloris vividly and San Antonio native Charles Barksdale as Curtis’ funny nephew TJ steals every scene he is in. It is hard not to root for “Sweaty Eddie” as he tries to woo Deloris especially after he performs “I Could Be That Guy.” Overall it is a highly entertaining show full of humor, heart and show stopping songs. Don’t miss a chance to see it since it’s only playing at the Majestic Theatre until Sunday. Tickets are available at the box office.