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Opening Night Gala at VFW 2010

Opening Night Gala @ VFW was amazing!
Opening Night Gala @ VFW was amazing!

I've just arrived home from Vancouver Fashion Week's opening night Gala and my head is still spinning. This year's Gala was held at Open Road Audi and it was the perfect location. Upon entering, I was greeted by friendly and beautifully attired staff who pointed me in the right direction. I started scouring the room for interesting and approachable people and came across Elena Bubencehikova. She's Russian, can you tell? :) This is her 2nd year at VFW and she's still starry-eyed about it. She loves fashion and everything about it. She freely told me all about her experiences in Vancouver and the fashion industry.

I moved on to Amy. She's a model for Kate Martin; one of the hair stylists competing in the in Hair Competition tonight, April 7th, at Caprice Night Club. She caught my eye because of her beautiful styled outfit, co-ordinated hair and make-up and accessories. Kate has been a stylist for 12 years and lived in Canada for 4 years. She worked on Amy's look for about 4 1/2 hours tonight, by far the longest any look has ever taken her. It doesn't go unnoticed, as Amy is a stand-out in the room.

Next I was onto another Amy- this one a fashion student from Louisiana who started to create her own fashion line and then realized she'd rather be behind the scenes. She volunteered at Fashion Week last year and this year brought 3 girl-friends with her. They were all about 8 feet tall with legs for miles and I felt equally as short and squat as an ogre....but those are my issues as I was surrounded by gorgeous people all night. Even in 4 inch heels, I was still a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than most.

Then I found Stephanie Smith, Daniel & Laura. Stephanie and Daniel are the backstage co-ordinators for the show and are full of energy. Stephanie launched into her description of the shows with enthusiasm and passion and got me excited about them! This is her 2nd year at VFW and she's most excited about Saturday night, with a stellar line up of new and familiar designers.

Lastly, I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with Teresa James & Roger Prince, who make up Retarded Velvet. They are new to VFW and have bold new ideas mixed with impeccable design and construction. They were standing with none other than Linsay Willier from Canada's Next Top Model Cycle 3, whom I was very excited to see. In fact, I was so excited that I shouted "Oh My God, Hi!!! I know who you are!!!!' right in her face when I realized who she was. Not very professional. But we all had a good laugh over it and moved on (thankfully!). Teresa and Roger took a trip to India last year and their collection was inspired by what they experienced there, as well as the bold shapes and looks from the 80's. Tres ecclectic, n'est pas? She cited Rick James as an influence, and anyone that called Rick James as influence is OK in my books.

After yelling in Linsay Willier's face, fawning over Teresa's necklace and nearly falling over in my 4 inch Michael Kors shoes, I made a (semi) graceful exit. I am looking forward to what the rest of VFW has in store.

Please click here to check out all my pictures from this amazing night!


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