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OpenBook Autos: How To Get a Beautiful Deal, Instead of a Beater

OpenBook Autos: How To Get a Beautiful Deal, Instead of a Beater
OpenBook Autos: How To Get a Beautiful Deal, Instead of a Beater
OpenBook Autos

You know, the old adage is true: bad news travels fast. But the good news stays silent. Who complains when they're happy?

That adage applies to the purchase of a used car, as well.

Talk to your friends. You'll discover that many of them bought their cars used and are happy as clams. They just never thought to mention it. But if one -- just one -- had a bad experience -- undoubtedly, you've heard horror stories.

As OpenBook Autos points out, "While there is a wrongful stigma that used cars are usually clunky, old beaters that have trouble starting and getting passengers from point A to point B, the stereotype is no longer applicable. Instead of used vehicles being thought of as a poor man’s investment, they are actually a great way to showcase one’s intelligence."

Companies like Salt Lake City, Utah’s OpenBook Autos, which refuses to sell used cars that aren’t dependable or that are outdated, are creating a good image of used car opportunities. It's the little secret that the smart, wealthy customers are on to -- and it can help you, too.

Let's start by getting a few things straight. Millions of people every year sell cars that are in tip-top condition with years of life left -- and they're the best buy you can get. Also, if you talk to people who have money (and could afford to buy a new car), you discover that they love buying good, used automobiles. They get all the fun, all the productivity, and they don't lose $3000 as soon as they drive their "new, used car" off the lot. They also cost less to insure.

Do you need to take precautions? Sure. OpenBook Autos, for example, encourages buyers to inspect the cars, and to have a reputable mechanic give cars a once-over before a buyer feels comfortable. It's what they want for themselves and their families, the company says, and so they treat customers the very same way.

What can you get with a used car? Frankly -- as the smart folks know -- you can get 100,000 or 150,000 or more miles, while shaving thousands off the price. And who wants to pay more than they have to?

All told, a used car can still be the perfect way to show that you're a savvy consumer. With the right help, you can be one.

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