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OpenBook Autos explains why used cars are worth a new look

OpenBook Autos explains why used cars are worth a new look
OpenBook Autos explains why used cars are worth a new look
OpenBook Autos

Let's face it: buying a brand new, late model car is fun. But it's often not the most economical solution to the mere logistics of transportation.

Everyone knows that -- as soon as one drives that current model year buggy off the lot -- the value drops $2,000 or more. In many ways, one is paying for glitz and glamour, but not much in the way of practical utility.

That's something the people at OpenBook Autos understand well.

"There are plenty of stereotypes associated with used cars. Many people look at used car dealerships as nothing but seedy salesmen and clunky vehicles that don’t really work," according to the Salt Lake City, Utah-based dealership. "But the truth is that most used car dealerships provide lower prices for quality vehicles, many of which are only a few years older than current models and are just as reliable."

Is buying a brand new car a waste of money? Often, yes.

"Used cars offer great value for consumers who do not have the financial means to purchase a new vehicle," say the experts at OpenBook Autos. "Year-old models typically sell for anywhere from 16 to 40 percent off the price of current model year vehicles. Older vehicles can provide even bigger savings."

The financial advantages of purchasing a used car aren’t solely limited to the lower sticker price at the dealership. In addition, pre-owned cars are typically cheaper to insure and will have lower state registration fees than new vehicles. Luckily, today many used car dealerships also sell certified vehicles that come with extended warranties and service guarantees.

In addition, used car dealerships typically don’t have hidden paperwork fees such as “dealership preparation” because the car is already on the lot. Buyers also never need to worry about a salesman trying to trick them into buying "extra features" that aren't needed – nothing gets added to a used car.

One consideration, of course, is the lifestyle question. What kind of car do you really need?

Different lifestyles call for different types of vehicles to match needs. When it comes to purchasing used cars, it’s important to make sure they come with everything that’s going to be needed for a daily commute and weekend adventures. Buying a compact car for a family with six kids isn’t really practical, for instance.

At Open Book Autos, where a wide inventory of cars addresses the needs of all different types of customers, available vehicles extend from trucks for work projects and off-roading to luxury cars with great style but a more reasonable price tag when purchased used.

"Someone who likes to go hiking and taking the back roads and getting lost might enjoy something that comes equipped with all-wheel drive," the team explains on their blog. "Whereas a father whose daughter is just learning how to drive might prefer a car that he can trust will help get her to and from school safely each and every day."

No matter where you live, you can find a good deal on a used car. That's the goal: a great car with a low purchase price. What could be better?

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