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Open Your Mouth and Say "Wah"

For the connoisseur of classic Chinese cuisine  Cleveland can be a conundrum.  Even on the legendary St. Clair strip of Asian Restaurants, every establishment varies in style and quality. Li Wah Chinese Restaurant operates in a league of its own. Located at 2999 Payne Avenue (Corner of E 30th & Payne Ave.), Li Wah has established itself as the marquis Chinese Restaurant in the city of Cleveland.

Owner Donna Hom provides an atmosphere pleasing to the novice palate as well as the most discerning of food critics, like Michael Ruhlman (feature guide on Anthony Bourdain's Cleveland edition).  The culinary selections are organized in an order that is easily discernible for everyone.  The dishes that provide a spicy kick are denoted by red pepper stamps next to the item, and the vegetarian selection is larger than your typical Chinese menu. The kitchen at Li Wah has a reputation for consistently producing healthier ingredients than their competition across the board. Rarely will you taste an item that doesn't meet and exceed your expectation.

The menu dish portion sizes differentiate from the take out and dine in orders, with larger servings awarded to the table seated customer. The menu pricing at Li Wah is a wee bit steeper than the average Cleveland Chinese Restaurant (like 5%), but the experience coupled with the leftovers are more than worth it. Next time you are craving quality Chinese cuisine, don't hesitate to try Li Wah (216) 696-6556.


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