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Open your heart with a custom teddy bear

Meet a few of Suzi's custom Memory Bears....
Meet a few of Suzi's custom Memory Bears....
Suzi Loeffelholz

Every once in a while you run across a person that you were evidently supposed to meet; a person that makes this very difficult life well worth living. Suzi Loeffelholz is just one of those people! Suzi’s heart and soul is evident when you are the lucky recipient of one of her homemade Memory Bears.

What exactly is a Memory Bear? Well, it is a one-of-a-kind homemade teddy bear that is the ‘coolest memento’ that you will ever be lucky enough to receive. Each bear is a standard 18 inches in size and most of the bears are created from something important that belonged to someone that you loved and lost.

Suzi makes each bear meticulously based on the stories that she gathers about the people that have passed, from those left behind. Her idea was born when her mother passed away in December of 2005. Her mother and her grandmother were her inspiration; her matriarchs.

Loeffelholz wanted to create a remembrance for her family using her mother’s clothing. Since her mother absolutely loved Teddy Bears, Suzi decided to carry on that passion by making her children each a bear from something her mother wore that bore a special memory for each individual. One that stood out was the bear she created for her son using a sweatshirt her mother was wearing when her son splattered her with paint. The painted section is what appears on the main part of the Teddy so that her son will be able to recall that special time with his granny.

This woman charitably spends so much time with the families that hire her to make them something special that they can appreciate for the rest of their life (at a great price for the effort; Memory Bears begin at a mere $50!); created from a fabric of something that belonged to the person that they cherished. This small token allows individuals to be able to dispose of the rest of the person’s belongings because what is left was their little piece of their world.

The most unusual fabric that created a family of bears was taken from their father’s La-Z-Boy recliner. No one ever sat in that particular chair but their father so no one wanted to take the chair as their own after their father had passed. By removing the fabric, each child was able to take a little piece of their dad with them.

Not only special fabrics are used, Suzi has even included such unusual items as one mother’s round earrings used to make the bear’s eyes. She can make patchwork bears and even plaid bears (with the plaids perfectly matching so that the bears are perfect).

Suzi Loeffelholz considers each and every person’s feelings and promotes happiness – with her bears and in life in general. According to this incredible woman, “Happiness is not a right but a privilege!” Her bears represent this belief – right down to the heart on every bear’s paw.

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