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Open work painting the blue Coronado Bridge line

Bridge worn. Never faded. An unpainted section on the way out on the Coronado Bridge. Thursday, August 14.
Bridge worn. Never faded. An unpainted section on the way out on the Coronado Bridge. Thursday, August 14.
Adam Benjamin

End to end, a 4 person crew paints the Coronado Bridge paint the same blue it always has been. Summer fair weather keeps the year round painting work steady.

Coronado Bridge painting job above the San Diego shore.
ADam Benjamin

2014 is just one more productive recovery year for the Caltrans crew. The old trusty dark blue color paint Caltrans uses on the bridge's box girder rails, and cross braces, runs out across San Diego Bay, from the old waterfront working blocks in Barrio Logan. Length by length. The 2014 high rails stay work edges. There is always a worn lifeless light sky blue surface waiting for paint. "Painting the bridge is a never ending job," Caltrans says.

Rails just sprayed with the waterborne paint connect the San Diego shore, west of the I-5 interchange on the east side of Harbor Drive, to the bridge rise that reaches 200 feet, out above the bay water. The work line begins above the Harbor Drive shoreside walk. Not far above the warehouse rooftops.

1970's "Most Beautiful Bridge" merit award winner, the Coronado Bridge stands clear above the wide bay sea waters and below the calm sky. The American Steel COnstruction Institute gave the San Diego landmark its widely known name. The new paint matches the sea blue and sky blue the old paint lined the way through before it wore off.

Grainy metal surfaces do not waste away during the repainting work season. Caltrans, the bridge's operator, guarantees the crew works on saving the the landmark's striking, and memorable, blue lines. Regular Caltrans inspections find flaked paint and exposed metal.

Dull paint on bridge lengths stays on the painters' work line.

Gloomy days bridge sightings on Barrio Logan's working class blocks always have to be a great San Diego experience. Going half way inland, on old settled streets, like Caesar Chavez Parkway, can not take a San Diegan so far away from the bay shore the view fades. The Coronado Bridge line sweeps across the west horizon. Deep blue this year. Like last year.

The regular fair weather paint job takes big work steps. Again and again. Sunny days the five lane bridge stands warm on the towering arched concrete piers that stand on sumerged concrete piles are not just busy island traffic days. Between the high pillar tops, crew painters spray deep blue paint where the sun, wind, and salty spray took it away.

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