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Open Up Your Home to Sexy "Child of the '70s"

Leo Forte is proving to be more than just a hot sexy porn star as he shows his sweet side in "Child of the '70s"
Leo Forte is proving to be more than just a hot sexy porn star as he shows his sweet side in "Child of the '70s"

Seems a lot of the best and most original shows are now coming from the web.

Michael Vaccaro and Leo Forte are sexy couple in "Child of the '70s"

Some are so successful they transfer to cable or network TV. But others continue to grow and blossom on the internet.

One such show is “Child of the ‘70s,” which has completed two seasons on the web and is gearing up for a third season.

One thing great about most web series is they are short and to the point. In the world we live in of wanting “real quick” results, a web series episode is usually between five and fifteen minutes.

The perfect amount of time to catch an episode while waiting for a bus or a train or even if you show up early to meet a friend.

Of course, in the case of “Child of the ‘70s” you might look odd laughing out loud on the train platform as this hysterical show was made to keep you in stitches. Whether it’s from the ever-changing actress who plays the mom (so far, each season has had a different TV icon playing the role) or if it’s the array of famous guests stars from comedian Bruce Vilanch to “Brady Bunch” star Susan Olsen or “Facts of Life” Geri Jewell, they are all here to pay homage to the 1970s in this contemporary comedy of an Italian gay man who moves from his thankless job in New York (season 1) to be a personal assistant for a star (season 2) and finding love with an extremely-hot-out- of-his-league-and-yet-too sweet-to be-true (played by porn star Leo Forte who proves he’s more than just a hot package).

As far as a season 3 is considered, creator and star Michael Vaccaro says, “The script is written, I have my cast and my crew and my locations, so we're just waiting for money!”

Fortunately, he’s got enough following with the show that he doesn’t need to rely on a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign. Of course, any investments made will certainly help the show. Not just for the upcoming season, but Vaccaro has already plotted out three more seasons. Investors will receive great benefits and be involved from the onset with a show that has a great future ahead.

Vaccaro is actually coy about providing any details about some of the surprises ahead – including who will play his mother in the third season. “I have a few offers out there, but I want to keep it a surprise. Suffice it to say that they are all TV icons, and I would be super excited to have any one of them in my show,” he says. “Lynne Marie Stewart ("Pee Wee's Playhouse" and "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"), who played my mother in season 2, is too good to lose, so I'm asking her to play another role. I love replacing actors without any explanation at all. It's super funny to me. They did it on ‘Bewitched’ of course, and on ‘Roseanne’,” he says, pointing out at that even on "Dallas" had one season in which Donna Reed showed up as Miss Ellie!

He also wants to keep other guest stars a surprise but says “we're hoping the delightful Dee Wallace from ‘E.T.’ and ‘Cujo’ can work out her schedule and join us,” and further hinting that there's the possibly another "Brady" on the horizon. “My dear friend, Susan Olsen, is helping to make that happen.”

How does it get so many icons on the show? “ I've been very lucky and they've all liked the script enough to come onboard. I've been able to work with some of my childhood idols. It's my dream cast,” says Vaccaro.
Of course, all of season 3 depends on whether they find funding. “We're searching for investors/producers right now, so if anybody wants to be involved, or if anybody has any connections to gay friendly companies, just get in touch with me,” says Vaccaro.

You can reach Vaccaro at or directly from his website,

To catch the show from the beginning, go to

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