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Open That Bottle Night 2014

It seems that everyone who loves wine has a special bottle to be opened on a special occasion. I keep a magnum of a California Cab from 2008 to be shared with my daughter when she turns 21. But I also have other wines waiting for just the right time to be opened. Some were gifts from friends when they visited wineries throughout the world on their travels. Others I bought because the deal was too good to pass up or even bottles signed by the winemakers. The big problem is, when do I open these wines? When is the special occasion? For many of us we face that problem all too often. When is that special day and which wine should we open?
Luckily in 2000, Wall Street Journal wine writers, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher created “Open That Bottle Night” to be held the last Saturday of February. This year’s date is February 22, 2014. So, about that problem of when to open that special bottle? Problem solved! There are so many ways to get creative with this night. A romantic dinner at home with that special person or how about hosting a dinner party where everyone brings that special bottle?
So go ahead and find that bottle you’ve been waiting to open. If the wine is very old you may want to stand it upright for a few days to let the sediment settle. It may also be wise to have a back up bottle in case the first wine turns out to be a dud. The color doesn’t matter, maybe it is a nice bubbly you’ve been waiting to pop. The key is to have fun with this night and enjoy that special bottle with special people. Visit to see stories and pictures of people celebrating past “Open That Bottle Night.”

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