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Open Source media player VLC gets major update

VideoLAN release major upgrade for popular open source media player
VideoLAN release major upgrade for popular open source media playerVideoLAN

If you watch movies on your home computer, Mac or Windows PC, there's a good chance you have tried the open source multimedia player, encoder, and streamer, VLC. Donation-ware, stable and able to handle almost every popular video codec, VLC (the VideoLan Client) has been downloaded 485 million times.

The newest version, called "Twoflower," includes an improved rendering pipeline for video, higher quality subtitles, new video filters, and supports new devices including BluRay Discs. It also features reworked Mac and Web user interfaces.

Author and digital rights activist Cory Doctorow describes the new VLC thusly, "[I]t cuts through DRM like butter, disregards patents and plays and converts pretty much any video you throw at it."

Begun as a student project at École Centrale Paris, VLC is now an international endavour comprised of development teams in 20 countries supported entirely by donations.

For a full list of new features and to download VLC, visit