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Open source dj software and you


Mixing screen.

You love music. You even have the knack to create awesome mixes and songs on a turn table. Now, you want to see what your computer and some awesome software can do for your future in the music/DJ world. Well, there is something you might want to check out.

Preferences window.

Mixxx is a complete DJ solution created by DJ’s for amateurs and professionals alike, providing everything you need to create live mixes. If you are new to DJing, not a problem, Mixxx can run without any extra hardware, and it is a fully functional replacement for a traditional “turntables and mixer” DJ setup. Mixxx’s advanced features include comprehensive MIDI controller support, vinyl control, and multi-core CPU support. Along with MIDI controller support, Mixxx also has an advanced MIDI scripting engine, multichannel soundcard support, and even support for multiple soundcards if you are stuck with just a single output jack on a laptop or desktop PC.

You say you don’t have a Windows based PC? Maybe you aren’t running a MAC OS either. Not a problem, Mixxx is a flexible program that runs on multiple platforms. Use Mixxx on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, Ubuntu, and other distributions of Linux. If there is something about the program you don’t like or want to change, do it. Because this is open source software, it is licensed under the GPL v2. Which means, if you know how and care to, feel free to change it to your liking.

Best of all, this software is free. Although, any type of donation towards the project of your choice helps the community that creates these wonderful programs. Use common sense when downloading. Research, check your system to make sure it can run the software, and use trusted anti-virus software. Good Luck.


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