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Open Relationships, Monogamy And Human Nature

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Open relationships have always resulted in heated debates among various sections of the society. The cultural boundaries and inhibitions have often shunned the idea of embracing polygamy, and same sex dating. Marriage ties restrict one to have a single partner and dedicate their love until death separates them. Although the original alleged intention is to protect society from adulterous and immoral acts, these same restrictions have resulted in other forms of immorality. Dishonesty, spite, hate and even deaths have resulted from such inhibitions which research explains as inevitable. In a natural setting, studies have shown that monogamy is simply impractical. Scientists and human relationships analysts have detailed justification to back up their findings.

Monogamy and open relationships

The majority of today’s population have masked the polygamous nature of man and accepted the notion of monogamy. However, it is undoubted that there are numerous cases of cheating, dishonesty, separations and divorces. These are all caused by secrecy and denial due to the moral obligations and restrictions. Those who publicly acknowledge open relationships are considered immoral and deviant of cultural practices. However, human science has provided several factual proofs that show how monogamy is a societal trap and unnatural. In their explanations, the ability to experience physical and sexual attraction to various people does not suddenly diminish after marriage. There are various subheadings that can be explored to vividly express the difference between monogamy and open relationships. Love and jealousy are the best examples.


In monogamous relationships, jealousy can be described as normal and healthy but it can also be painful and damaging. It is seen as a sign of love, but still harbors negative traits that can cause severe damage to those involved. In open relationships, jealousy represents something that is wrong and not going on as intended. It is treated as any other negative energy that needs to be resolved. This is very possible as empathy is the main development trait needed in open relationship.


In generic context, love refers to an intense feeling of deep affection which may include romance and sexual interactions. In monogamous relationships, ideal love is accepted to be shred with one person alone. Loving other people is betrayal and deep affection for others can still be referred to as emotional cheating. This is always taught and indoctrinated within our traditions. It creates unrealistic expectations that scientists claim are not hard wired into human nature. In open relationships, love is described in a more natural perception understood by most people. It is truly finding happiness in someone else’s happiness where one genuinely loves and appreciates the other alike, (humanism). Monogamy dictates that it is okay to love others, but can only share the love and fulfill needs with one partner which is obviously not a characteristic of man.

Open relationships benefits

The number of separations and divorces is increasing daily as the necessity that required man to have a monogamous relationship is no longer present. In the animal nature, monogamous relationships are very rare and resulted out of certain specific necessities. Monogamy is widely accepted and taught in religion and family tradition. Open relationship on the other hand is often branded with immorality. Nevertheless, it is only logical to accept that open relationships exist in every society and are mostly secretive. A few people have already opened up about it. There are many advantages as it creates an open environment that eliminates the negative effects of jealousy, dishonesty and secrets. The ability to comfortably allow a partner to share happiness and love with other people is an expression of empathy. This freedom is the ultimate solution to broken promises and an alternative to cheating. Monogamy is not a hard wired component of humans. It is an imposed boundary that arouses societal expectations which has resulted in pain and suffering.


The thought of a partner having relationships with other people causes severe distress and even death at worst cases in monogamous relationships. However, there exist those who find happiness in having one partner which is very accepted. The boundaries are however not just, considering that ultimate happiness is what each individual seeks while on earth. There is no need to go through the lies, spite and distress of a painful monogamous relationship if you feel an open one is what suites you. The societal expectations are very important but should not overtake personal happiness and feelings which is the only thing you are overly sure about. If one decides to join the lifestyle they can always visit SwingLifeStyle which is an open marriage and swingers dating website at open relationships.

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