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Open relationship rules: 10 tips for success

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Many couples have a perfect open relationship with their partners. If you and your spouse have confidence in the logic that love and sexual infatuation are two entirely different emotions, an open relationship might work well for you. If open relationship is what fits your needs, listed here are 10 rules for open relationship success.

1. Be prepared

When the two of you have already been in a relationship for some time, the possibilities of making love outside of the relationship could seem to be a head rush. But, are the two of you psychologically ready for this? In the event you get into an open relationship when one of you is not prepared, you are all set for a breakup.

2. Test the waters first

After the two of you have hooked up with someone you liked, discuss your experiences with each other the next morning. If one of you starts to feel jealous or insecure, its better to stay away from such a relationship. If the two of you are happy and excited for each other, you can easily survive an open relationship.

3. Avoid common friends

If you feel that you’re ready to have an open relationship, here’s a great rule to begin with. Always try to search for partners who aren’t associated with your daily life by any means beyond sex. Keeping it that way is always beneficial.

4. Hide the details, don’t hide people

An open relationship is a fragile balance between lust, love and lots of trust. By hushing things up, you’ll wind up making your partner feel insecure. This could damage the trust you partner has in you. It’s a sexual arrangement between the two of you, so don’t ever hide the people you’re sleeping with.

5. Have sex, but do not fall in love

This really is hard, but this is something you always have to remember. An open relationship will not be a hall pass to start loving others when you’re already committed in a relationship. Falling in love with somebody else because you’re sexually captivated by him/her will just complicate things further. Remember that an open relationship is just about sex and nothing else.

6. Never be jealous

If you are not getting as much attention as your partner is, you might get jealous of your partner. Remember, it’s easy for a lady to get attention. More often than not, a man has to work hard to get the attention he deserves. Don’t let jealousy creep in when you have a sexual arrangement like this.

7. Communicate effectively

Don’t exchange all of the horny details, but be familiar with each other’s partners. Inform your partner about all of the people you’re sleeping with, and your partner must do exactly the same. Communicate your feelings if one of the sexual partners your loved one is engaged with bothers you. Be frank and communicate with each other if you want to enjoy this modern sexual arrangement without any hitches.

8. Don’t bring your sexual partner to your house in any situation

It is really an absolute no-no. Your lover may know you’re sleeping with other people, but bringing another person to your house can destabilize the fragile balance between you and your partner. Your house is your love nest, where nothing should come in between the two of you.

9. Your partner should always get the first preference

Always give preference to your partner over any kind of arrangements you might have with your other lovers. Always plan in advance and keep your partner informed about what you are going to do the following day.

10. Set a time frame

There are two time frames to consider here. First, how frequently are the two of you allowed to meet and communicate with your other sexual interests? For some couples, once per month is too much, while for others, meeting fortnightly might seem perfect. Choose what fits your needs, and have enough time to interact with each other so the two of you can live a perfect life without any distractions. Secondly, for how long do the two of you want to enjoy an open relationship. Have a plan or perhaps an understanding to return to monogamy when the open relationship isn’t working as per plan.

Consider these 10 open relationship rules seriously, before jumping into an open relationship. They could mean the difference between a pleasant open relationship and a failing and baffled romance.

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